A Holiday Bowl Miracle!

I was drunk last night.  VERY drunk.  If I would’ve written this article in my inebriated state, it would’ve read something like this:

ME LOVE HUSKIES!!!1  fUCK Nebraksa!

And it would’ve won awards for awesomeness.

I just don’t know what to say; I’m utterly speechless!  Without fail, I could start by saying, “Fuck you ESPN!  Jesus Christ!  How about pre-empting the stupid-ass Tennessee/North Carolina game so us local fans can watch our fucking team?  Instead, we had to miss most of the 1st quarter before we realized we had radios built into our DVD players!  Then you purposely interrupt OUR game so you can dip into the fucking women’s basketball contest between U-Conn and Stanford … WHILE THAT GAME WAS BEING TELEVISED ON ESPN2!!!!!  What the fuck’s the matter with you ESPN?  A. nobody cares about women’s college basketball, B. if we did care, we’d watch the fucking game, but C. since we fucking don’t, how about not interrupting the game we do fucking care about?”

Suffice it to say, I was listening to Bob Rondeau on KJR 950 with the TV muted for the entire game; so I guess I missed out on whatever piss-pants they got to telecast the game.

Anyway, where was I?  Oh yeah, the game itself!

This had to have been the shocker of all shockers; certainly the biggest upset in these bowl games.  I don’t know what’s more surprising, that we won, or that our defense held them to 7 points (and almost intercepted the pass that gave them that touchdown).  We were chewing through their offensive line!  We had so many hits in their backfield, it was like we were in their huddle!

Obviously, my players of the game are Chris Polk and Jake Locker:  two guys with outstanding Husky careers who will (likely) both go out in the NFL draft this year.  Polk had 177 yards and a touchdown one game after going for 284 (and the 2nd most in school history) in the Apple Cup.  Amazing.  He quickly became my favorite player on this team, and I’m glad the focus of our offense increasingly went in his direction.  Let opposing defenses worry about Jake Locker, we’ve got a not-so-secret weapon in Chris Polk, and he’s outstanding!

Jake was all guts last night, though.  Hit in the head, went out for a drive with what looked like a surefire concussion, then came back in heroic fashion at a point where Husky fans had to have believed we were sunk.  A 10-7 lead going into halftime sure felt tenuous.  But, if anyone doubted the kid’s toughness, one only needs to find that touchdown scamper of Locker’s, plowing through defenders like a man possessed!

Jake Locker Would Not Be Denied In His Final Game As A Husky!

I’m just in awe of that game.  How we dominated, I’ll never know.  Were they lax?  Did they think they could just suit up and win this game?  Was our fire and passion all the difference in taking such size-discrepancies along both lines?  Who could say?

All I know is that I haven’t been as proud of this team since Tui was our leader.  Big win for a bigtime university who’s back on the national scene.  My hope is that this game is a deciding factor for any recruits on the fence:  come to Washington.  We play good football around here again.

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