The Seahawks Are The Best 7-9 Team To Win A Division

How did we do it?  Without a 100 yard receiver, a 100 yard rusher, or a 200 yard passer.

By holding Steven Jackson to 45 yards.  By holding Sam Bradford to 155 yards.  By holding their leading receivers under 40 yards.  By sacking them 3 times, by picking off 1 pass, by holding them to 10 first downs.

By holding them to 0 touchdowns and only 2 field goals.

We had good ol’ Charlie Brown Whitehurst in the fold, much to the surprise of the conspiracy theorists out there.  And yet, it didn’t even really matter all that much.  He didn’t do anything stupid with the ball, made a couple plays early that ended up being the ballgame, and most importantly, the defense didn’t force him to play from behind.

From the first drive, we held that lead.  7-0 thanks to an under-thrown ball to Ruvell Martin that he turned into a 61-yard gain, and thanks again to a nifty little crossing pattern by Mike Williams for the 4-yard score.

The defense was insane.  Not a lot of sacks – the last couple came late in the game when we got to rear back and attack – but just sound fundamentals.  And it helped that they didn’t have a savvy veteran back there making plays down field.  Instead, they had a rookie who looked like a rookie, errant on many an easy pass.

And, of course, the crowd was off the hook.  Rowdy, loud, standing up all game even in the 300 level, screaming like maniacs before every defensive play.  Incredible.

I’ll get to more rational feelings later in the week, but for the time being, the pure fan in me was just glad to be there.  That was our Championship Game for the season.  And once again I was not disappointed.

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