Losing Gaddy Hurts

I don’t know how this will affect our season, exactly, but trust me.  It will.

First and foremost, the elephant in the room nobody’s talking about:  we’re down to two ball handlers.  That’s bad!  We’re another freak injury away from either IT or Overton playing 40 minutes a game because we don’t have anyone else who can handle the rock!  I don’t care what people say, I won’t trust Suggs at the point until I see him do it at the point; particularly in press coverage.

Secondly, this totally throws our rotation out of whack.  I liked what our rotation has become!  Gaddy, IT in back; Holiday, MBA, and Aziz up front to start you off.  Overton comes in for Gaddy to infuse some energy into the game.  Then, our stable of wings fly in jacking up threes left and right, spelling the other guards and forwards.

Or, to put it this way:  I’d rather have 3 point guards fighting for minutes than 3 unstable, hit-or-miss, streaky-as-all-hell ‘tweeners running around like chickens with their heads cut off throwing up shots like they contain the antidote.  At least with the guards, you’ve got driving ability.  You’ve got kick-out ability.  You’ve got Gaddy taking up the minutes of the wing shooter who happens to be cold that night.

Now, you’re likely leaving that wing in there to fight through his troubles because you just need a body out there to take up minutes.  Call me crazy, but I’d rather have the stability Gaddy brings.

Furthermore, this is a huge shot to his development.  Last season was understandable because he was a true freshman, starting on a veteran team:  of course he wasn’t going to take that many shots!  He’s just out there trying not to screw up.  This year, he was taking a step forward, being more assertive with his shot selection, and at least in the early going was one of our better long-range shooters.  Had he had a full season to stretch defenses daring him to shoot the ball, he would’ve made many a team pay.  And in-so-doing, he would’ve upped his confidence level to the astronomical.  Which would’ve made him that much more effective next year, leading into a senior season where he would’ve been The Man.

I’m not saying Abdul Gaddy can’t still be more effective next year, following by being The Man.  I’m just saying, I would’ve liked to have seen how this season played out for him.  He’s still got the raw talent, he’ll still come back and be a quality contributer.  It’s just too bad it had to happen to a kid who was on the right track, doing things the right way, playing under guys who are nothing but a positive influence for him.

At least he’ll BE back.  At least it’s not a career ender.  Here’s to hoping the surgery goes well and rehab goes off without a hitch.  We’ll miss Gaddy this year, but somehow we’ll have to find a way to get along without him.  Starting tonight vs. Oregon and their press coverage.  Great.  What a perfect time to lose our best ball-handler.

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