Terrence Ross Is A Motherfuckin’ G

What an ugly-ass game.  I didn’t get to watch it too closely, as I had league play, but it was on TV with the sound off; and let’s just say if this was the first game you ever saw between these two teams, you’d wonder what the hell people were talking about when they said the Huskies are a good basketball team.

First and foremost, we got the answer – at least, the initial answer – as to who’s going to replace Gaddy in the starting lineup.  It turned out to be Overton, who honestly did not look good last night.  My impression of Game Overton – aside from him sitting on the bench most of the time – was of him throwing the ball to absolutely no one too many times.  He looked out of sync and I don’t know if that’s a result of shifting his role from 6th Man to Starter, or if he just had an off night.  I hate to use that as an excuse, but you see it in baseball all the time:  players are only comfortable when they know what their role is; if things are up in the air, their games are off.

But, whatever, this post is about T-Ross, his 27 minutes off the bench, his 25 points, his 4 boards, 4 steals, 2 blocks, his 11 for 18 from the field.  He was absolutely breathtaking last night, in a game that was as gritty and dirty as they get.

I don’t know what it was, to tell you the truth.  Maybe Oregon’s press defense got to us (until we started driving to the basket more, like I told them to do through the TV).  But, they didn’t shoot particularly outstanding (right around 40% both overall and from 3); they didn’t get that many free throws to shoot (15 to our 10); we actually beat them in both turnovers (12 to 15) and rebounds (34-27).  I don’t know!  Why was it so damn close for so damn long?

More than anything, it just kinda looked like we were fucking around out there.  IT bouncing it off the backboard to himself for a missed lay-up, careless no-look passes to the first row in the stands, and of course, 26 shots from behind the arc.  Of which we hit 10.

I’ll tell you what, I think Scott Suggs is turning into a fine all-around player, and I wouldn’t mind him starting in place of Overton on Saturday.  He had a nice little game, 5 for 8, 3 for 5 from behind the arc for 13 off the bench.  Steady D, good hustle on the loose ball.  Give the man a chance!

He actually played more minutes than I thought he would.  28, compared to C.J. Wilcox who only had 4 minutes (just long enough to miss 2 shots before heading right back to the bench).  The 8-man rotation we’ll probably see more down the stretch made its debut last night, and it’s looking like our best pure shooter will be riding some heavy pine.  (Of course, he could’ve just been suppressed by that nagging hip injury; I guess we’ll see).

Because you’re not taking out T-Ross.  The man was making shots from EVERYWHERE.  3 for 7 from 3.  Drives, hooks, mid-range jumpers.  The kid’s got all the tools.  He’ll look good taking Holiday’s starting spot next year, that’s all I’m gonna say.  Between T-Ross, Gaddy, IT, Wroten, Suggs as a senior, Wilcox as a junior … lookin’ GOOD for next year.

If you’ve slept on T-Ross for this long, I’d suggest you wake up.  He’s coming into his own in this Pac-10 season, and he’s going to be a force going forward.

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