The Greatest Seahawks Win Ever

We weren’t supposed to do this.  We weren’t even supposed to compete!  We were supposed to be shredded on defense and clumsy on offense, as we’ve been all year long.

Instead, we were brilliant on offense.  And we did just enough on defense to snatch a 5 point victory from the jaws of Who Dat Nation.

It looked bad early.  Looked like Another One Of Those Games.  Kickoff out of bounds to start things off.  3 minutes later, a field goal.  Then we got the ball and promptly turned it over on 3rd down (on a play that was destined for failure anyway, forcing me to curse the name of our offensive coordinator).  4 minutes later, a touchdown and a 10-0 deficit.

Then something happened.  Our offense came alive!  A 3-minute touchdown drive to pull within 3.  New Orleans answered with a drive of their own, but then we ripped off 17 straight points before they nailed a field goal as time expired at the end of the half.  But, we had a 24-20 lead.  We had ourselves a ballgame!

To show it wasn’t a fluke, we went ahead and dominated the 3rd quarter 10-0 to give ourselves a 2-touchdown cushion.  We would need all of that cushion and then some as the Saints mounted their comeback in the 4th.  A touchdown and a field goal brought it back to a 4-point game, with a little over 4 minutes left.

And that’s when the Greatest Run I’ve Ever Seen In My Life happened.  Marshawn Lynch went Beast Mode all over their defense, breaking tackles, pushing people down, enforcing his will on all comers!  Literally, I’m not exaggerating:  Greatest Run I’ve Ever Seen In My Life.

They got a quick touchdown after that, but they missed the 2-point conversion (like I said, the defense doing just enough) and they booted probably the worst onside kick ever attempted to seal the victory for the Good Guys.

This game was just outstanding!  Hasselbeck dropping picture perfect passes to Stokley, Williams, and Morrah.  Nailing John Carlson for two early TDs.  He showed he’s the best quarterback after missing a week due to injury. 

But look, we weren’t supposed to win this game.  That much is clear.  We were 7-9, we only beat 2 teams with winning records and lost to the rest by half a million points.  They were the Super Bowl Champions, they were on a roll having recently beaten Atlanta, and they handled us earlier this year.

Which is why this was our greatest win ever.  Because it was so unexpected.  Because if you replayed this game 99 more times, the outcome would probably be reversed every single time.  Because we caught so much shit this week for being a 7-9 team hosting a playoff game; it’s nice to shove this result in everyone’s faces.

And, let’s face it, we did the Saints a favor.  They don’t want to be one of those teams everyone gets sick of winning all the time.  Now they can come back next season and dominate their way to a Super Bowl run without any backlash whatsoever!

First class all the way.  If this is how we remember Matt Hasselbeck in Qwest Field, then it’s one for the ages.

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