Ha-ha Ha-ha HA ha: Suck It Ducks

We’re on quite the roll around these parts!  Might have to change the name of the site if things get TOO good.

Here’s the thing.  On my list of priorities, number 1 is to get some kind of playoff system’s foot in the door.  I don’t care if it’s just a 4-team or a whopping 16-team.  Just gotta get that done.

But, beyond that (since a playoff is the pipe dream of all pipe dreams), you GOTTA stop having the BCS National Championship on January 10th.  This is rediculous!

Mind you, I’ll never begrudge the number of bowl games we currently have.  35 bowls?  50 bowls?  Awesome, the more the merrier.  I think the quantity of bowl games is just plain awesome, especially for schools like mine.  You know.  A team that went 0-12 two years ago, goes 6-6 this year and gets to play another game a month later.  Gives them confidence, gives them experience, and hey!  You win that game against that heavily favored team, and it’s a HUGE boost to your school!  I think any semi-good team deserves at least one chance to shine on a national stage, if for nothing else than the seniors who gave all they had.

Just:  cram all those bowl games between December 15th and January 3rd.  I’ll give you the 3rd, two days to set the BCS National Championship apart from New Years Day, BUT THAT’S IT.  Because nobody gives two fucking shits about college football after New Years!  (the caveat being:  unless your team is playing in one of the many games played after New Years).

You want to know how much of the BCS National Championship I watched yesterday?  I saw about a minute of the first half (don’t ask me which minute, because I wasn’t really paying attention), and then I saw the last 2 and a half minutes.  Just before Oregon’s 2-point conversion to tie the game.  You know what?  I’m not upset in the least.  Looked like a pretty good game, closely played by both teams.  But, I also know that I saw pretty much everything there was to see in that final Auburn drive.  Because my brain officially shut off from the college football universe as the Rose Bowl hit double-zeroes.

Oh, and to the Ducks and their shitty, shitty fans:  NO NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP FOR YOU!

No national championships, no Rose Bowl championships … boy, are those Ducks pathetic!  Hey, we won our game assholes!  Where were you when it mattered most?  Sucking dick.  As usual.

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