These Rape Allegations Are Making Me Thirsty

Mostly for booze.  Sweet, debilitating booze.

Here’s word.  So, it should probably go without saying that I hope there was no raping going on.  Of course, that would mean that these allegations are fraudulent, which would mean the 16 year old girl is lying.  So TECHNICALLY, my hope is she’s a liar trying to, I dunno, besmirch the name of a college athlete.

However, if this is true, this is REALLY putting a bad hoodoo on this week.  On a very IMPORTANT week for Seattle sports.  And, as we’re all well aware, this is Seattle, and Seattle don’t NEED any more hoodoo than we already generate.

If it’s true, then what does this mean?  Apart from being a huge stinking distraction for the rest of the team – a team that has as good a chance as any to make a deep run in the NCAA Tournament – it likely means we lose one of our players.  Probably to jail, but at least to suspension, being cut from the team, or even school expulsion (not really a lawyer, don’t really know how that flies).  And that fucking sucks.

How much it sucks depends on (aside from the truth of the allegations) who did the deed.  What we have to ask is:  who can we least afford to lose?

Obviously, the person we can MOST afford to lose is the poor man’s Zane Potter himself, Brendan Sherrer.  But, (unfortunately) something tells me he doesn’t have a raping bone in his body.  Since this is a team I love, so of course I’d never have the benefit of good fortune, the alleged rapist probably isn’t little-used Antoine Hosley either.

So, I’ll just rank the remaining members, in order of importance:

  1. Isaiah Thomas
  2. Matthew Bryan-Amaning
  3. Venoy Overton
  4. Justin Holiday
  5. Aziz N’Diaye
  6. Terrence Ross
  7. Scott Suggs
  8. Darnell Gant
  9. C.J. Wilcox
  10. Abdul Gaddy (obviously, he’s already gone for the year, but I’d hate to lose his talent in the years to come).

If it’s any of the top 3, our team is screwed.  Royally.  IT is the heart and soul of this team; MBA is our only scoring big man; Overton is our only other ball-handler (lose Overton and the burden on IT might be overwhelming).

I don’t need this.  I don’t need this at all.  We FINALLY have a dominant college basketball team, and shit keeps hitting the fan left and right.  First Gaddy, now this … why do the gods hate me?

1 thought on “These Rape Allegations Are Making Me Thirsty

  1. Most people are saying that it must be Venoy Overton, since they said its someone from Seattle, and like Matthew Bryan-Amaning is from the UK and a few are from federal way. Only a couple are actually from Seattle.

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