A Seahawks Fantasy

Because when reality falls on my head like a dead body from a 40th floor window, this will be all I’ll have.  Permit a dreamer to dream, dammit!

First and foremost, the weekend will kick off in delightful fashion as Baltimore goes into Pittsburgh and rolls.  Roethlisberger gets hit at the knees in what many are projecting to be a career-ending injury, and Hines Ward is taken out in a stretcher thanks to a clothesline tackle leveled against him by Ray Lewis across the middle.

Then, our Saturday gets even better thanks to a last minute drive by Green Bay to knock off Atlanta by a field goal.  In what turns out to be the game of the weekend, with lots of lead changes and big plays, it’s the Pack with the ball last in a tie game.  They await the winner of the morning contest on Sunday.

The Bears are excited, because it’s a chance to play their most hated rival.  In fact, the Bears might be a little TOO excited, overlooking the opponent before them.  The Seahawks are excited too, because they know if they beat the Bears, they get to host the NFC Championship Game.  But, the Seahawks are prepared.  Focused.  And they jump out to an early lead!

Matt Hasselbeck picks right back up where he left off last week.  The Bears defense isn’t giving him the long shots that New Orleans allowed, tending to rely on their 4-man rush and leaving the rest in coverage.  Big mistake as Okung owns Peppers all day, and the rest of the line does just enough to prevent Hasselbeck from being sacked.  In turn, he picks apart the middle of the field, chewing through any Bears zone.

On defense, the Seahawks are stellar.  In a markedly different look than the one they gave in Week 6, the Seahawks continue the recent trend of infrequent blitzing.  This befuddles Cutler, who’s expecting pressure in his face all game.  On the first drive, this results in him not seeing Earl Thomas charging hard on the intended receiver for an interception returned for a touchdown.

Things go from bad to worse for the Bears, as the Seahawks score again to take a 17-0 lead.  Followed by the Bears trying to slow things down and develop their running game.  This backfires as well, as our too-stout defensive line is too much.  Punts are traded, until with a little over 2 minutes left, the Seahawks drive to take a 24-0 lead.  They cruise to victory from there.

On Sunday, January 23rd, it’s a wet and nasty day in Seattle, Washington as the Green Bay Packers take to Qwest Field.  The ball is slick, visibility is nil, and the 12th Man is in full-throated hurricane mode.  The Packer passing attack is neutralized, and their running game was never anything to write home about.  Meanwhile, Marshawn Lynch is making everyone his bitch and the Seahawks win an ugly one.

Leading to the most improbable Super Bowl appearance in the history of man.  The Seattle Seahawks vs. the New England Patriots.  A true David vs. Goliath scenario.  In this game, there are no punts.  There’s one turnover (a fumble on a kickoff return by the Pats return man), and that leads to the difference in the game.  The most high-scoring Super Bowl ever ends with a Seahawks victory, 56-49!

And, it’s at that point that I die, most likely of a brain aneurysm; my brain LITERALLY explodes, and all it took was a 7-9 division winner going all the way.  Won’t that be something?  Won’t it?

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