Dawgs Losing The Karma Battle

I don’t want to say it’s a “distraction” so much as it just isn’t very much fun.  And this team is at its best when it’s having fun.  Of course, everyone else will say it’s a distraction, because that makes sense.  Who allegedly did the deed?  I dunno, but until all of this blows OVER, we’re going to have a TON of these types of performances.

Again, we out-rebounded our opponent, but we lost this game because we couldn’t board when it mattered most.  Seemed like in that last minute and a half they got 6 of their 8 offensive rebounds.  Their winning basket was off a tip in when we couldn’t box out their best rebounder.  Just incredible.

We had an 11 point lead!  I mean, you hate to say this about a team who held Stanford to 29 points in both halves, but our defense just didn’t have what it took to win this game.  Both teams made the same number of shots, but their percentage (41) was better than ours (36) because they TOOK better shots.  More high percentage shots.  Less (dear GOD less) three pointers (11 to our twenty-fucking-six). 

I know you have to take the good with the bad as far as talented long-range shooting teams are concerned, but there’s definitely an ugly side when you have six guys who all think they can hit shots from anywhere on the court at any time.  Sometimes, you get games like these:  Wilcox 0 for 3, Gant 0 for 2, Ross 1 for 4, IT 2 for 6.  The only guys who were worth a damn were Suggs and Holiday.  The former only made two shots (both in the second half), and the latter missed potential tying free throws and a baseline jumper with less than three seconds to go in the game.

Ugly.  You only like ugly games when you win them.  I’ll be interested to see how the team responds against Cal on Sunday night.  Something like this could very well snowball in a hurry; and we’ve got games against the Arizona schools and Wazzu coming up to close the month.  Getting a split on this trip wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world; losing two before the shit REALLY starts hitting the fan with these allegations … that ain’t great.

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