And We’re Done

Shitty game that was over in the first quarter.  Give up too many big plays on defense, don’t capitalize on interception opportunities, have a bunch of crucial drops on offense, a bunch of players get hurt by basically doing nothing more than falling to the ground wrong … this was every other loss the Seahawks suffered this year.  Only this time the Bears’ prevent defense let us get within 2 touchdowns at the end.

Gamblers who took the Seahawks and the points must’ve been PISSED that we didn’t go for two on that last touchdown.  JUST missed covering that 10.5 point spread.

I’ll save the Grand Overview for another day.  As well as the ramifications of getting this far only to get embarrassed on national television.  Right now, it’s about the game.

Losing to the fucking Bears.  Again.  For starters, the Bears suck and they’re GOING to get their shit kicked in next week when the Packers destroy them.  So, don’t get too comfortable Bears fans.  Jackasses.

Secondly, it’s just incredible how much holding the refs were allowing.  This game was worse than two lumbering heavyweight prize-fighters in the 7th round.  Unbelievable.  You know, there’s this penalty they have – you might have heard of it – it’s called “Illegal Contact”.  It means you can’t touch our fucking receiver after 5 yards.  YOU MIGHT WANT TO LOOK INTO IT, DOUCHEBAG NFL REFEREES!

Third, Devin Hester is overrated.  Let every other team’s Special Teams unit hold and block in the back like that and I guarantee returners would be breaking career records left and right.

This game was just awful, as I said earlier, like every other loss we’ve had this year.  Pretend you’re in a cabin on a snowy mountain.  And let’s say there’s this avalanche that covers your cabin entirely; the only hope you have for being rescued is to dig your way through the snow.  You jimmy the door open and grab whatever tool you can find, and you start digging a snow tunnel outward and upward.  Except the avalanche tremors keep striking, causing your tunnel to collapse and forcing you back down into the cabin to start over again.

THAT’S what this game was.  The initial avalanche was that first quarter.  Triggered by a long bomb to a tight end who made Lawyer Milloy look rediculous.  Then a drop by Stokley when he lost his footing.  Then Big Play Babs mis-playing one ball that could’ve been picked off and returned, followed by Big Play Babs flat out dropping another potential interception at the goalline before the Bears ran it in with Chester Taylor.  Down 14-0, it was dig-out time, and we weren’t doing ourselves any favors.

Maybe, I dunno, DON’T RUN RIGHT UP THE MIDDLE EVERY TIME YOU TRY TO RUN!  What worked on the very first play of the game?  A counter, where the linemen go one way and the runner goes another.  Got us 9 yards before we completed our first of many 3 & Outs.  What did we never do again the rest of the game?  A counter, where the linemen go one way and the runner goes another.

This game just stunk.  The Bears were who we thought they were in the second half, for the most part.  Held them to two touchdowns, but that was WAY after I stopped paying attention.  I didn’t even have a problem one little bit when Pete Carroll kicked the field goal down 28-0, even though that’s a rediculous concept.  Who does that, if not losers?

Well, we were losers yesterday, just like we were losers all year.  And now we get the 25th pick in the draft for our troubles.  You know how we desperately need cornerback help, among many other positions?  Yeah, that’s JUST about where we drafted our last big first-round cornerback bust.  I’m optimistic for the future.

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