Some Husky Stats (We’re A Great 3-Point Shooting Team)

I woke up this morning thinking about the 3-point shot.  As I’ve reiterated time and time again, it seems like we take a lot of ’em.  Now, maybe that’s true, or maybe that’s just a reaction, by me, to the fact that I haven’t seen a Husky team with this much talent shooting the basketball … maybe ever?

There are only two guys on this team who HAVEN’T shot a 3.  That would be Aziz N’Diaye and Brendan Sherrer.  However, there are EIGHT players who have attempted at least 20 3-pointers this season, with Isaiah Thomas leading the way with a whopping 84.  (for the record, he’s shooting 37%, which isn’t terrible by any stretch).

Anyway, that got me to thinking:  are we about to shatter the single-season Husky record for most 3-pointers attempted?  I have to believe a resounding YES, but I’ve yet to find a website that will either confirm or deny my suspicions.

I did come across this site, though.  Stat  I went ahead and checked out the Team Stats for shits and giggles.  It’s pretty sweet, though; they show you where you rank nationally as well as within your conference.  It’s interesting to see where we rank, especially out of the 347 Division I basketball teams.

Like, did you know we’re 341st in free throw point percentage per game?  We score 15% of our points per game at the charity stripe; one of the worst in the nation.  I knew we weren’t a great free throw shooting team, but I didn’t think we were one of the worst in the nation.  Our free throw percentage (we’re making 65% of our free throws) is good for 9th in the Pac-10 and 274th in the nation.

But, this isn’t really about that.  It’s about the 3’s.  And everything else we’re good at!

You know what we’re BEST at?  Ever hear of something called “Floor Percentage”?  According to the definition:  “Floor percentage (floor%) is the ratio of scoring possessions to total possessions” with the definition of a scoring possession being:  “Anytime a team scores, whether just one point on a free throw, two points on a field goal, or three points any way it can, and the other team takes possession of the ball, then the first team has just had a scoring possession.”  Our floor% is 59.8, which I take to mean that of all our possessions, we are scoring nearly 60% of the time we have the ball.  That’s incredible!  And that’s good for #2 in the nation.  (for the record, our 87 points per game is #3 in the nation at the moment).

Here are all the things we rank at #1 in the Pac-10:  possessions per 40 minutes; field goals made, attempted, and percentage (48.6%); points, points per game, points per possession (1.18, good for 4th in the nation); total rebounds, rebounds per game (40.7); offensive rebounds, offensive rebounds per game (14.7, which would contribute to the most possessions per 40 minutes stat); assists, assists per game (17.8), assists to turnover ratio; blocks, blocks per game (5); and fouls, fouls per game (20.9), and foul outs.

What does all that tell me?  We’re VERY aggressive.  That’s a team that constantly pushes the ball, gets in the other team’s face, and has a desire to score that will never be satisfied.

I purposely left out all the 3-point stats where we’re number 1, because I wanted to talk about them separately.  Obviously, we’re number 1 in 3 pointers attempted (424), made (169), and percentage (39.9%).  Those are some great numbers.  I still say they’ll be good for the All-Time Husky record when all is said and done, but you know what?  They’re not as high nationally as I thought they might be.

We’re only 27th in the nation in attempts.  Who ARE these other teams who shoot more 3’s than us?  And what would happen if we played one of them in a game?  Would it just devolve into the NBA 3-point contest?  We’re 15th in the nation in made 3-pointers, so that’s something.  Speaks to our great percentage, which is good for 20th in the nation.  I gotta wonder, though, how good our percentage is among the teams who’ve shot more 3-pointers than us.  We gotta be up there.

Anyway, just some fascinating stats stuff for you on this afternoon of the ASU game.

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