Not The Super Bowl I Wanted

I would just like to point out that I hate the Jets.  Please and thank you.  Because EVERYONE knew they didn’t have a prayer in hell of winning against the Steelers.  Mark Sanchez sucks, and thanks to them we have to watch the Steelers play in yet another Super Bowl.

Also, I’d like to point out that if they hadn’t beaten the New England Patriots, my preseason prediction of a Green Bay/New England Super Bowl probably would’ve happened.  Because there’s no way the Patriots lose to the Steelers.  Not in New England.  Not with Tom Brady.  Not with Belichick figuring out a way to get shit done.

You can see them all here.  I’d like to point out that I DID predict 3 out of 8 division winners AND 6 out of 12 playoff teams.  That’s … that’s just awful.

At least Green Bay did their job.  I’m pretty sure if it ended up Pittsburgh vs. Chicago, I would’ve sent a scud missile to blow up Cowboys Stadium come February 6th.  As it stands, now I have to root for those smug, cheery Packers fans.

Why do the Jets always have to throw a wrench into things?  There are PLENTY of teams I actually DO like in the AFC.  The Colts, the Ravens, the Chiefs, hell I don’t even mind the Patriots so much.  But I can’t fucking stand the Steelers and it’s only making it more difficult to NOT hate the Jets because of what they’ve done.  I mean, has anyone ever hated a team BECAUSE they lost?  Well, this is happening.  Fuck you Jets!  Fuck you and your crybaby fans!

God, why couldn’t we have gotten this Jay Cutler last week?

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