The Super Bowl Super Sucked

Said the bitter man with no horse in the race.

The people of Seattle were Packer Backers for a day; nary have I seen a more sickening sight.  People talking about Green Bay like they’ve rooted for them all their lives, using words like “us” and “we” to describe a team on most other days we would loathe (or at least SHOULD loathe).

I don’t know about you, but I’m tired of Super Bowls with clearly defined villains.  This year, everyone hated Pittsburgh.  They win too much, their quarterback’s a rapist (probably), Hines Ward is a douche (definitely), and their defense is comprised of the biggest whiners and complainers since the Seahawks fans of Super Bowl XL.  Last year, it was Indy (Manning is an unstoppable killing machine; New Orleans has lots of horrific hurricanes); the year before it was Pittsburgh (ditto); the year before it was New England (18-0).

Can I just get two teams I don’t hate?  I’m tired of rooting for the lesser of two evils!  And I’m tired of betting on the GREATER of two evils because nobody else will and by God I want some action on this pointless game!

That’s really the only way I’m ever going to enjoy a Super Bowl again, from now on.  I’m going to have to bet on it.  Not even eight beers on an empty stomach could make me raise a fist in cheer for whenever Green Bay did something good yesterday.

It was a good game, don’t get me wrong.  I liked how the Packers played early; I thought it was a no brainer that Pittsburgh would make a comeback; and any game that ends with one team driving to possibly take the lead is a game that’s A-OK in my book.

BUT I DON’T CARE!  I had no real rooting interest, except to root against someone, and how much fun can that be unless there are fans of that particular team in your presence?  I was relieved when that ball on 4th and 5 clanged to the ground, but not necessarily because Pittsburgh lost.  I was just relieved that it was over.  That another stupid season is finished, so we can get on to the more important part of life:  Next Season.

Here’s to the NFL getting that whole CBA thingy figured out.

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