Seattle Hates …

We’re in the dregs of the sporting year.  Football is finished, baseball has yet to begin, I don’t follow the NBA anymore … really just leaves college basketball and random snippets of news to comment on until Spring Training starts kicking into gear later this month.

So today, to fill the space, I’ll be starting what will become a regular feature entitled, “Seattle Hates …”

Do I feel like I’m reaching when I propose to be the voice of the entire city of Seattle’s sports fans?  Not at all, thank you very much.

I’m sort of making this up as I go along, but the idea is to feature the figures who’ve played for, coached/managed for, handled personnel for, and/or owned Seattle teams and failed spectacularly, or just people who have spurned, maligned, or otherwise get all up under my skin for reasons to be determined.  I’m sure, in a pinch, the obvious names will come up (Bill Bavasi, Howard Schultz, Ken Behring, Clayton Bennett); but I’m going to try to recall some true, forgotten douchebags who’ve made all our lives miserable by contributing to the Culture of Losing Seattle embodies still to this day.

There has been plenty of losing and plenty of losers in our neck of the woods.  In our next installment, I’ll reintroduce you to the very first name that popped into my head when I created this series.

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