Huskies Put An Ass Beatdown On The Bears

I was more nervous going into this game than any other we’ve played this year.  Another loss meant suicide; the end of our season on our home floor thanks to a 4-game losing skid (4 games, mind you, to very mediocre basketball teams).

But, you know what?  I didn’t have to worry long.  We absolutely put our feet to their throats and didn’t let up until they were choking on their own blood!  All that frustration, all the negative energy coming down around this ballclub, all the bad luck and bad injuries were taken out on that Bears team last night.

Not only did we torch them for 109 points, but we held them to only 77!  That defense that was so non-existent just returned in a BIG way.  Sure Cal shot 48% from the field, but we forced ’em into 16 turnovers, we out-boarded them by 9, AND we blocked 11 of their shots!  The only thing you could criticize – if you just HAD to criticize something – it might be the fact that they got to the line 37 times.  I don’t know exactly WHAT that was all about, as I was unable to watch the game too closely, but it looks like we also took out our frustration on their bodies in a literal sense.  29 personal fouls, ye gods!

But enough about all that.  How about that offense?  A little home stew in their bellies and they just go OFF.  57% shooting; 55% from three on 17 for 31 shooting.  30 assists and only 9 turnovers; magnificent!  This is us playing to our fullest potential, right there.

No one even had a whiff of a bad night shooting the ball last night.  How about Isaiah Thomas going 6 for 8 from beyond the arc?  How about C.J. Wilcox rounding into shape going 4 for 7 from three?  How about SIX guys in double figures!  Hell, even Aziz N’Diaye wasn’t a total waste of space on the offensive end of the floor.

You know, usually your team goes out there and wins by 32 points and you’d say, “That’s a boring-ass game.”  But after these last two weeks; I’ll take 32 point victories from here on out and love every minute of ’em.

I honestly don’t know why I was so worried about Cal anyway; they suck!  The team I should REALLY be afraid of is coming into Hec-Ed on Saturday evening.  A Revenge Game could easily turn into a Relapse Game if we revert to our old ways of playing against a zone.  Let’s not take this team lightly, Dawgs!  Before last week I never thought you had a 3-game losing streak in you.  Blowing one to Stanford could EASILY be the start of another.

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