Welcome To The Trap Game Of All Trap Games

The last time I remember a Husky game not being televised, we laid a huge egg against Stanford.  Let’s not see a repeat of THAT performance, shall we?

Look, if this isn’t a trap game tonight, then there’s never been a trap game ever in the history of sports.  We’re playing the last place team in the conference – a team that has won only ONE game in all of Pac-10 play – two days before a showdown with the first place team.  Who WOULDN’T overlook this Sun Devils team?

Well, me for one.  (I for one?)  Because the last time we played these chickenfuckers, they took us down to the wire before we ran away with it in the final two minutes.  In our home arena!  Forget the final score for a minute (because we totally took our foot off the gas last week against Stanford); that ASU game was easily the most nerve-wracking home game we’ve played all year.

And now we have to go down there.

Yes, they’ve only won AH game, but they just lost to the L.A. schools by a combined 3 points a mere three weeks ago (including taking UCLA to overtime, which would’ve been quite the impressive win).  So, you can’t tell me they don’t compete.  Furthermore, this is a Thursday game.  Funny things tend to happen on Thursday nights.

No no no, I’m not comfortable with this at all.  Our season is really on the line here.  We ALMOST control our own destiny with this thing.  We have to (obviously) win the games we’re supposed to win – which would be every game at home and this ASU game.  We have to beat Arizona on Saturday to get to within a half game of them.  And we need UCLA to beat Arizona at the end of the month so we can get a 3-way tie going for first place.  Has there ever been a 3-way tie for first in the Pac-1o?  That would be pretty amazing.

It all starts tonight.  At the very least, if we win tonight, then win our remaining home games (no easy feat in itself because we have UCLA at home, and if anyone is the team to break our home winning streak, it’s likely them), that puts us at 13-5 in conference.  22-8 overall.  That should get us into the Tournament, shouldn’t it?  That’s a 9 seed if I’ve ever seen one!

Oh God, look at me.  Now I’M doing it!  This trap game tonight has me overlooking ASU in this post, sitting here thinking about the Tourney!  SOMEBODY GET THIS GAME ON TV SO I DON’T GO CRAZY!!!

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