More On Why Milton Bradley Is Such An Ass Clown

A player can be sucky and I won’t INSTANTLY hate him.  Usually, I’ll give a guy a chance to turn things around.  Everyone has a bad month now and then.

It’s when one month turns into two that I start getting annoyed.  If it doesn’t immediately result in reduced playing time, that annoyance turns to rage.

However, there are other factors beyond A. sucking and B. time.  Variables such as salary, attitude, personality, and history all come into play.  For instance, if I knew nothing of Ryan Rowland-Smith last year other than he was a pitcher looking to crack the starting rotation – if I had no opinion of the man whatsoever going in – I would’ve seen a guy having a crappy year.  So, yeah, that sucks.  As chances had it, that guy ended up playing in way more games than he should have.  So, yeah, that’s annoying.  But, since he didn’t make all that much money, my feelings would’ve never gone beyond annoyance. 

For the record, I actually really like the guy and felt legitimately bad that he had to go through such a tough season; and I wish RRS nothing but the best in his new career with the Astros.  Since he was a good guy personality-wise, and he always did interviews after tough losses, and said all the right things to the point where you’d have to genuinely believe him, even that annoyance abated.

Now, let’s take another random example of someone who had a crappy year.  Oh, I dunno, why not Milton Bradley?

Crappy start to season + continued playing time + ridiculous salary figure + one more year stuck with him + age + history of mental breakdowns & ejections & fighting with management + leaves stadium after getting benched + leaves team for psychological help + legal issues stemming from an off-season = Ass Clown.

And then I read about his press conference today from Geoff Baker.  To wit:

Bradley was asked whether he’s fired up about the pending competition.

“Not really,” he said … “Nobody can compete with me. I’m Milton Bradley. I’m at my best. And they pay me a lot of money because I can play. So, I’m not really concerned about all that.”

See, only an Ass Clown would say something like that.  Because, at the moment, Milton Bradley is behind Michael Saunders on the depth chart.  Because, all of last year, Milton Bradley was a huge drain both on and off the field for this organization.  They pay Milton Bradley a lot of money not because he can play, but because he snookered another team into giving him an outrageous amount of money after having one good season after a bunch of injury-plagued (albeit still pretty good) seasons.  And, of course, they pay him a lot of money because previous management paid Carlos Silva a lot of money, but that’s neither here nor there (I wonder how it feels to know you make just about as much as a fat-ass pitcher who couldn’t even make it in one of the most pitcher-friendly parks in the majors).

Also, if I could quote from the same post:

Bradley said he’s had multiple conversations with new manager Eric Wedge both here and during the off-season.

“I’m glad he’s here,” Bradley said. “We needed the discipline. Somebody to put a foot in your behind when you need it. We just got a little lax with things the way they were going before and now he’s going to get it back on track the way it needs to be.”

Would that be the kind of discipline where players don’t run off and leave the team because they’ve been benched?  Because, you know, the last manager tried to treat his players like men, then when it came time for punishment, his players in turn acted like fucking babies and revolted.  Just throwing that out there.  Where was this call for discipline last year when you were throwing your tantrums?

I’m sorry, but I’m at the point now where the only way I’m going to even REMOTELY enjoy this guy is if he turns it around in a big way on the field.  But honestly, at this point, I’m almost rooting for him to struggle even more so the team simply cuts him and takes the sunk cost right in the jimmies.  There is one ass clown too many on this team right now; if I’m going to watch the loser I’m anticipating, I’d rather watch the loser full of players I can actually respect.

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