The Huskies Do What They Gotta Do

Fans of the Pac-10 are well aware of two things that make them a part of an inferior conference:  incompetent officiating, and Fox Sports Net.  Fortunately, it sounds like the new commish is doing everything in his power to rectify both.  Which is great, because maybe it’ll prevent whatever it was I saw coming out of my Internet box last night on from happening ever again.

That had to have been, bar none, the most rinky-dink announcing duo I’ve seen since Craig Ehlo dragged down every Sonics broadcast he attempted.  Lifeless, no-energy corpses who spent more time reading from their notes than they did actually watching the game.  Instead of giving play-by-play, they’d talk about whatever the hell it was they learned about these two teams before the game.  Then, like ever third shot, they’d actually tell you who scored – because God forbid their telecast come in anything but blurry!  If that wasn’t bad enough, oftentimes their notes were completely useless or inaccurate!  It was like they watched a Husky game from 6 weeks ago and proceeded to learn all they had to know from that point in the season!

Anyway, I suffered through most of the first half like that before I had to leave.  Got in the car and turned on the radio to a 10-point lead after struggling like gangbusters early.  I knew everything would be okay.

Big game for C.J. Wilcox, who looks like he’s back for good from those injuries.  Which is awesome, because we’ll need him thanks to Suggs going down with an MCL sprain.  Since they’re not talking surgery, I’m assuming this is something he can rest and then play with later in the year come the Tourney.  In the meantime, we’ll need our other two tweeners to pick up the slack.  Well, Wilcox hit 4 threes, finished with 16 points and also nabbed 8 boards.

Likewise, Overton will probably be starting for a few games here, and he did his part last night.  10 points, 8 boards, 5 assists and a steal.  Not too shabby for 30 minutes of play.  Terrence Ross didn’t do much on the stat sheet, but from what I read he played some pretty stout defense.  Whatever you can do to get the job done, A-OK in my book.

Of course, MBA was the star of the game with his 22 points, 12 boards, 4 blocks and 3 assists.  He’s fixin’ to get his name among the Pac-10 players of the week with numbers like those.  Naturally, a win against Arizona tomorrow will be mandatory.

You know, I think I’m actually glad that we’re playing them tomorrow instead of yesterday.  You hate to give a great team the extra days to prepare.  Hell, the Cougars had a week’s preparation to beat us and they’re not even good!  Teams NEED to game plan against us though.  They have to figure out ways to stop our transition game, to prevent us from penetrating, and to see if they can get the ball out of IT’s hands.  We just gotta go out, play hustle defense, and make shots.  And since we like to run more than most teams, it’d be pretty damn sweet to get going early and tire them out.  I know the Cougs really coug’d it at the end last night against them, but at least they made Arizona play a full 40.  All I can really expect from such a shitty program.

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