Huskies Get Win Number 19

I didn’t have a whole lot of interest in this game outside of us not looking foolish and nobody getting injured.

Mission Accomplished, I guess.

I only watched until 8:30pm, but there were some highlight-reel moments in that first half & change.  The Holiday alley-oop slam was particularly mindblowing.  MBA could do no wrong, making crazy shots after getting fouled.  And even Aziz got the party started with an impressive double-double!

Nothing much to say, really.  We’re out of Seattle U’s league right now.  I’m glad we had the game, though.  I’d rather have a game during Rivalry Week than have us sit for 7 days before playing WSU; just so long as we don’t have to exert too much energy.  Well, aside from IT playing 35 minutes for some reason; the team high was 31 by our two seniors.  I can’t fathom why IT only got 5 minutes of rest, though.  The dude is carrying this team on his shoulders with Gaddy out; maybe give him a breather before the stretch run?

After all, his long-range jumper is hitting a serious wall.  Not counting the Cal/Stanford weekend (where he hit a combined 10 of 18 three pointers), he’s a combined 8 of 36 in his last 7 games for 22%.

Also, C.J. Wilcox picked a weird game to hit a slump.  1 for 6 from three, 1 for 8 overall.  I guess if that means he’ll bounce back against our Pac-10 opponent on Sunday, all the better.  But if it’s a sign of things to come – what with him entering the starting lineup – I don’t like it.

At this point, with Wilcox starting instead of Overton, we’re really depleting our bench for no good reason.  With Ross in HIS slump, and Gant – who’s not exactly the most assertive shooter on the court – our bench scoring is practically nothing without Wilcox.  And it’s not like leaving Overton on the bench means he’s able to spell IT more; they mostly play together when Overton comes in.  I don’t get it.  Maybe it’ll all come together in the next few weeks.  All I know is I want Suggs back in a big way.

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