Fat Carlos Silva Is Fat

Just in case there were any stray Cubs fans thinking they got the better end of this shit stick trade, I’ll kindly direct them to this link.  He’s just as much of a distraction and a cancer to a clubhouse, only he does it more passive aggressively (saying to nobody in particular – after an error-filled inning – “We need to start making plays here.”)

Yes, I’m sure he was just innocently musing to himself, like a thoughtful philosopher contemplating the meaning of life.

Maybe if Carlos Silva wasn’t such a fat fucking waste of space, he wouldn’t be on the starting rotation bubble in his contract season!  $48 million, and look at what he’s done with his life!

Milton Bradley may be an ass-can (combo:  asshole & trash can), but Carlos Silva is an ass-can’t (combo:  asshole & i CAN’T do anything worth $12 million per year except eat 50 times my weight in Cheez-Whiz).

My irrational hatred of Carlos Silva knows no bounds, in case you didn’t know.

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