My Worst Nightmare: This Huskies Team

Everyone’s flaws were on full display last night.

  • Isaiah Thomas can no longer hit a jump shot to save his life
  • MBA gets pushed around by bigger forwards
  • Our shooters (aside from one guy) were completely miserable
  • Aziz N’Diaye can’t:  jump, run, move laterally, catch the ball, do anything with the ball in traffic, stop fouling, being a complete and utter drain on our offense, deny that he would’ve been better off playing in the WCC or some other inferior conference …
  • Holiday is not the offensive presence we need him to be, slashing and driving the lane.
  • The team as a whole played lackluster defense until we were down double-digits and had to scramble to get back into it.
  • The team missed 6 crucial free throws, at home, in a 2-point loss.

This is tough for me, I don’t like ripping this team.  Aside from Brockman and Q-Pon, Isaiah is probably my favorite Husky of all time.  I think Holiday’s hustle, his defense, his passion for getting better is totally admirable.  Overton is a spark-plug, a bull-dog, and a threat on both sides of the ball.  MBA has improved more than any other Husky I’ve ever seen from Year 1 to Year 4.  Suggs and Wilcox are streaky shooters, to be sure, but when they’re on they’re a sight to behold.

There’s a lot to LIKE, is what I’m trying to say.  There’s a lot of TALENT on this team!  They’re BETTER than this!  This third place finish, this run of inconsistent basketball (beat UCLA, lose a close one in Arizona; then go out and get swept by Wazzu and lose at home on senior night to USC).

See, normally, at this point in the season, a Lorenzo Romar team is hitting its stride.  They struggle early, then they get a signature win that propels them to a long winning streak, and they go into the Pac-10 Tournament playing their very best basketball.

So, when the Huskies started the season out so great, I – and a lot of others – thought, “Well, we’re great now, and we know Romar teams only get better as the season goes on, so shit!  We should be a Final Four-calibre team by the time the Tourney starts!”

Unfortunately, we’re the exact opposite.  Only this time, I don’t have a one-and-done jackass like Spencer Hawes to kick around.  This is a Romar team.  Lots of guys here who will BE here (or have been here) for 3 or 4 years.  Lots of senior leadership.  Lots of experience up and down this lineup thanks to all the winning we’ve done in the recent past.  This was the team that was supposed to break the Sweet 16 curse.  Instead, we’re likely to get bounced by Wazzu and, if we even make it into the NCAA Tournament, we’re likely to get bounced in the first round.

It’s like everyone else got tape on us, studied us, and adjusted to the way we play; but we haven’t adjusted for SHIT to the way anyone else plays.  We’re the same team we were on January 22nd; everyone else got better.

Up next:  Pac-1o Tournament Getting Beat For A Third Time By The Fucking Cougars.

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