What Should The Seahawks Draft? – Cornerback

This has got to be a tough position to draft for NFL teams, because a good cornerback can come in so many different sizes.

Of course, all of this will be entirely moot if the Seahawks can grab Nnamdi Asomugha in free agency; he’s the prototypical All Pro NFL Cornerback.  6’2, fearlessly takes on the other team’s best receiver, has almost zero stats because teams just don’t throw his way!

Here’s how much I want Asomugha:  I would gladly watch Hasselbeck AND Mebane sign with the 49ers and go on to win a Super Bowl next season if it meant I’d get Asomugha.

But, let’s face it, we’re not likely his primary destination.  Even though he would be perfect in that Charles Woodson role Green Bay enjoys (savvy veteran surrounded almost entirely by young up-and-comers on defense).  So, we’re going to have to do something here.  Likely in the draft.

Kelly Jennings SHOULD be gone.  I have to hope we don’t re-sign the guy; he’s had plenty of time to show us what he is!  Cornerbacks don’t get better with age; they pretty much give you what they have by Year 3.  Jennings is all downhill from here, and let’s face it, that’s not a very high hill.  Marcus Trufant, by contrast, is also going downhill, but he’s got further to roll.  He’s nobody’s Number 1 Cornerback anymore and will likely require safety help more often than not.  After those two guys, we’re full of young fellas who’ve yet to do anything.

Here’s the question, though:  can we reasonably expect to get a quality cornerback with the #25 pick?  It’s silly, really, because we COULD find a Number 1 cornerback in any round of the draft.  Some of the NFL’s top young guys weren’t even drafted!

BUT, if you do find that guy you think could be the next Revis, the next Asomugha, you better grab him.  I don’t care how bad we need a quarterback or a lineman; shoring up this position needs to be a high priority.

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