Overton Finally Charged, Suspended For 1 Game

When you put it in those terms, this is no worse than what happened with Klay Thompson.

Supplying alcohol to a minor?  Do you know how much alcohol I supplied to minors in my day?  Granted, it wasn’t Me The 22 Year Old giving it to a couple of 16 year old girls, but still.  I was a senior in college who stayed in the dorms all four years, surrounded by 18 and 19 year olds.  So, really, there’s not a whole lot different between me and Venoy Overton.  Not a whole lot different at all …

(dammit, why didn’t I hold out for blow jobs before I supplied them with my precious booze?)

Let’s face it, Overton’s involvement in all this has been common knowledge pretty much since the day the police report surfaced.  We were ALL able to put 2 and 2 together before too long; it was pretty much old news by the time those deafening “NO MEANS NO” chants started to strike on the road. 

The timing of this certainly sucks.  Of course, it could’ve been worse.  It could’ve been two days before the NCAA Tournament instead of just the dumb ol’ Pac-10 Tournament.

But, maybe this is the kick in the ass we need!  After all, this HAS been a huge black cloud over this team since it all started.  Maybe now, with some semblance of closure, and with the additional pressure of being down to just one ball-handling point guard, the Huskies can clamp down and focus.  Maybe the Cougs will take us a little lighter, especially considering Overton has been our most consistent player in the last 6 games.

Or, maybe it won’t make a lick of difference, the fucking Cougars will beat us a third time this year, and we’ll only have to miss our senior guard for the one game.  That’s kinda my bet.

That bubble is getting closer and closer.  Will we be among the last four in or the first four out?  Ugh.

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