The Most Boring Spring Training Ever?

Here’s the official update:

  • Some backup outfielder signed to a minor league deal retired
  • Eric Wedge has an awesome moustache
  • Erik Bedard hasn’t re-injured himself yet
  • Franklin Gutierrez probably has IBS
  • Miguel Olivo strained his groin and will miss the rest of Spring Training
  • Dustin Ackley is still on pace to start the year in Tacoma

For the record, that’s the list in order of importance.  Arguably, Eric Wedge’s moustache is the number 1 story of the spring, but that backup outfielder DID make a swell goodbye speech for someone who wasn’t actually a Mariner in any regular season games.

I dunno, maybe it’s the most boring Spring Training because there are absolutely no expectations.  Maybe it’s because we didn’t really sign any major leaguers in the free agency period of our offseason.  Maybe it’s because:  Who the hell cares about the races for the 5th starter and the 4th outfielder and the part of the bullpen that only sees action when we’re either winning or losing by a large margin?

For a team so crappy, there’s certainly a lot of settled position battles.  Yeah, I GUESS left field is a little up in the air, but I bet most of us are right on when we predict it goes to Bradley/Saunders.  And sure, it looks like they’re going to tinker a little with putting Jack Wilson at 2nd Base while Brendan Ryan plays short stop.  But I stopped caring about bench players and long relievers YEARS ago (when I learned that they’re all pretty much the same player).

The only truly interesting aspect of this Spring Training is whether or not Michael Pineda will force the team to keep him with the major league squad all year.  He’s kinda pitching lights out; and none of our other 5th starter candidates are making much of a dent.  At this point, if it’s not Pineda, it’s probably got to be Luke French based on his most recent outing.  Gettin’ excited yet?  Gettin’ excited for the Luke French Express?

I kinda want this spring to end so we can all get on with our lives.  Our lives meaning:  watching the Mariners lose 90 games.

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