Jake Locker vs. Kevin Kolb vs. Other

Since quarterback seems to be on everyone’s mind, I figured I’d touch on a couple of the guys rumored to be possibilities for the Seattle Seahawks.

In Mel Kiper’s latest mock, he sees Jake Locker being our pick at Number 25.  This isn’t so much Captain Hairdo having insider Seahawk knowledge into the thinking of Pete Carroll and John Schneider; rather, he simply sees Locker’s stock rising back into the bottom of the first round thanks to a good run at the Combine.  And since the Seahawks have an obvious need to get younger and more talented at the quarterback position, why not throw Locker in this spot? 

Remember, this is still the same guy who went from being the Stone Cold Lock Number 1 Draft Pick + Heisman Trophy Hopeful to the disappointing senior on a 7-6 ballclub who won most of their games on the legs of their running backs.  Would he still be tied to the Seahawks if he were the leader of a 7-6 Purdue Boilermakers football team?  I find it doubtful, as I find it doubtful the Seahawks have any interest whatsoever in Locker’s potential as a starting quarterback in the NFL.

That isn’t to say that I’m not rooting for the guy.  I hope he goes somewhere and tears shit up for the next decade.  I’d like to see him land on a team where they have a quality offensive line.  What would happen if you gave the guy time to throw?  That, combined with his ability to run could conceivably make him a less rapey Ben Roethlisberger.

But Jake Locker should not be on – and really has no BUSINESS being on – a West Coast Offense.  You don’t take a guy with accuracy issues (and a cannon of an arm) and put him in an offense that features 5-8 yard throws.  Why would you do that?  Would you tell David Ortiz to lay down a bunt every time?  Yeah, with the shift on, he might get some singles; but that guy is up there to hack!  Just like Locker is in there to make throws down field, to keep plays alive with his legs, and to occasionally be pinpoint accurate under 10 yards.

That’s what I never really understood about these teams who have a set offensive philosophy.  Especially if you’re a head coach who’s joining a new team to try to turn it around.  Why would you impose your philosophy upon players who aren’t made for it?  Teams should adapt their offenses around their best players!  If you take Jake Locker in this year’s draft, then God dammit, put him in a Pittsburgh Steelers type offense and let him go to work!


In them Internets, there’s also a rumor going around that the Seahawks are still interested in Kevin Kolb.  To be fair, they were still interested in him LAST year, but instead of paying the hefty pricetag he required (I want to say it was two Number 1’s), the ‘Hawks paid a slightly less hefty pricetag (two Number 3’s) for Charlie Whitehurst.

I think it’s universally believed (as in:  EVERYONE in the fucking UNIVERSE) that Kevin Kolb will be a better starting quarterback than Charlie Ballgame.  So, let’s just put that aside.

Was Kevin Kolb worth the two Number 1’s (I’m thinking) that were required to get him?  Is he now worth a First and a Third, as is being reported?  I’ll just pull the exact quote from the article:

The Eagles have put out the word that in return for Kevin Kolb, they would like a first round pick and something else, maybe a third round pick. The Eagles are known to be tough trade negotiators, so no one expects them to come too far off their asking price. That price is a lot to ask for a player with a limited body of work, and a potential lockout has the brakes on all trades. So it’s starting to look as if it’s a possibility that Kolb might be back in Philly next year.

First, let me be clear:  we don’t have a third round pick this year (see:  Charlie Whitehurst debacle).  And since our first round pick is way down at number 25, if Philly had any interest whatsoever in trading with us for such a low pick, they’d also demand our second round pick.  Essentially, Kevin Kolb and half of Charlie Whitehurst would be our entire first three rounds of the draft.  With as many holes as we have on this team, that’s pretty scary.

What’s also scary is the fact that Kolb is legitimately demanding this pricetag!  What has the guy done?  Wouldn’t you think, if Andy Reid TRULY believed in the kid’s abilities, he would’ve bitten the bullet on last season to ensure he played as much as possible?  Is Reid’s stock in that city so low that ONE losing season will get him fired?  I mean, how long does Mike Vick really have there?  Yeah, he was playing MVP-calibre quarterback at times last season, but can we really expect that to continue?  What happens when he starts to regress as he inevitably will (likely this upcoming season)?  Those fans will turn on Vick more viciously than they EVER did McNabb; and Reid will be out of a job regardless, apparently.

I’m not putting the guy down, I just don’t KNOW if Kolb is the answer.  As I’ve said time and time again, this whole quarterbacking thing is a crapshoot.  At best, you’ve got around 15 elite quarterbacks in the NFL (maybe closer to 10, depending on your definition of “elite”).  Can you REALLY give up a First and a Second – two picks who will likely start making an impact immediately – for a guy you don’t even know will hold up for a full NFL Season?

Let us not forget, the only reason we saw Vick last year was because Kolb got injured and Vick played too well to be re-benched.

If the price came down, I’d say Kolb would be far and away a better option than Locker, mostly for the reasons I stated above about how Locker wouldn’t be a good fit for our offense.  That having been said, I’m through giving up multiple draft picks for a guy.  NO GUY is worth more than a single draft pick!  Because if they don’t turn out, not only are you still a bad team (assuming you’re a bad team before and that’s why you’re making such a rash decision to give up two or more picks), but you’ve hamstrung yourself for the foreseeable future.  I’m going to sit through this entire Third Round just stewing over the fact that Charlie Whitehurst is the reason we’re not finding our next sleeper at some position of need.

No, forget Kolb at that price.  The Eagles can have one of the most talented backups in the league; that’s what they get for being greedy.  When Vick has thrown 9 interceptions to his 7 touchdowns, I hope they enjoy their quarterback controversy.

As for me, I’ll stick with the Other.  Either the non-Locker late first round quarterback, or a guy in another round.  After all, they did draft Brett Favre in the second round …

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