Huskies Get A Sucky Draw

I guess we did this to ourselves?  Don’t have that 3-game losing streak, DON’T end up in Charlotte in the first round?

I just find it unbelievable that UCLA could throw the entire Pac-10 Tournament out the window and not only get the same seed as us, but a significantly better draw!  All we do is win 3 games in 3 days, all we do is beat Arizona a second time in three games (or three times, depending on how you feel about Pac-10 officiating).  Fuck, not for nothing, but we DID sweep UCLA this year!  What more do we have to do to out-draw an underachieving Bruins team?  Hell, put us and Georgia in the Southeast bracket!  I’d rather play Florida wherever those games are being played than fucking North Carolina in fucking Charlotte.

Pretty much, what I’m trying to say is:  Florida fans suck dick compared to Tar Heels fans.

Not that I’m necessarily looking past Georgia.  I know absolutely NOTHING about the Bulldogs.  And, frankly, I don’t WANT to know a damn thing about the Bulldogs.

I just know that, should we luck out on Friday at 6:45pm (or, I guess a couple hours after that), we’re going to play North Carolina.  Not only are we going to miss out on the Sweet 16, but we’re going to miss out on advancing PAST the Sweet 16 ONCE AGAIN!

This was supposed to be the year.  Dammit all!  This was SUPPOSED to be the year … then it wasn’t … and now after that miraculous finish to the Pac-10 Tournament, it was ever-so-briefly supposed to be our year again.  And now look at us.  We’re a team that’s probably been the most consistently good over the last few years, and this is the respect we get.

Ehh, who knows?  Maybe we’ll be able to shock the world.  Maybe we’ll find a way to shoot lights out when it matters most. 

Ahh, what is it the kids say?  And maybe monkeys will fly out of my butt?

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