Up Next: Georgia Bulldogs

I’ve tried to do a little reading on this team, but I don’t know what to tell ya.  It’s going to come down to us making shots.  If we make shots, we will win.  If we struggle, if we go cold for long stretches, if we get down early … how could you like our chances?

Apparently, Georgia has one guy – Trey Thompkins – who’s a beast of the Derrick Williams variety.  In other words, he can play down low, he can shoot from afar, and he’ll be in the NBA next year.  They rebound well, which means they’re probably taller than us, which means – unless we get into foul trouble again – we’ll see a heavy dose of MBA and Aziz N’Diaye.  In other words, my worst fucking nightmare.

You know what I’ve never understood about basketball?  Matchups.  Take Washington vs. Georgia for example.  They’ve got a team with better quality bigs than we do; we have a team with better quality guards than they do.  It seems, 9 times out of 10, the team with the better smalls ALWAYS tries to match up with the team with the better bigs.  Why?

Why don’t teams, more often, use THEIR strength, instead of trying to match up to another team’s?  What’s our best lineup?  IT, MBA, Holiday, Overton, and whoever’s hottest out of the Ross/Suggs/Wilcox trifecta.  If we want more offense, sub out Holiday for another shooter, but you get the idea.

Considering our success in the Pac-10 Tournament, Aziz should ONLY be playing when MBA is on the bench.  Which, hopefully, means about 10 minutes per game (unless MBA is in foul trouble).  With Aziz, it’s always a step forward, 2 or 3 steps back.  Yes, he’ll get you a block, but then later he’ll bobble a pass thrown to him under the hoop, or he’ll try to put a dribble down when he should just slam it, or he’ll fail to box someone out, allowing them to get the offensive rebound and put-back.  It’s always some small failing with Aziz that, added up, outweigh any of the good he brings.

If I’m going to lose, I’d rather lose with my best players on the court.  If that means Holiday has to guard someone who’s 6’9, then so be it.

Anyway, if you want some light reading that’ll warm your heart, take a look at this.  It’s the best I could do.  And quite frankly, I still stand behind my statement from earlier this week:  I don’t WANT to know a whole lot about Georgia.  It’s wasted effort that won’t make a shit-lick of difference come Saturday.

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