We’re Lucky We Have Romar

Once the dust settles and the mourning stops, there’s going to be a central theme the media hits on for about a day or two.  It’s the same every year.  Newspaper columnists, desperate for something “shocking” or “controversial” to get their names on people’s minds, will write the obligatory, “Lorenzo Romar Can’t Get Past The Sweet 16” article.  Steve Kelly seems like a likely choice for such drivel.  Maybe he’ll even go so far as to call for Romar’s ouster, citing a need for a REAL bigtime head coach to get us past the hump of so-so-ness.

Well, yeah, I guess it would be nice if we had a John Calipari type guy ready and willing to move all the way to Seattle, bringing in all the nation’s top recruits by any slimy means necessary.  But, you know what?  I’m going to issue to the Steve Kelly’s of the world a pre-emptive Fuck Off!

Look, this is Seattle.  In the grand scheme of sporting things, we underachieve.  Losing in the Round of 32 is a nice microcosm of what Seattle Sports is all about.  Good enough to sometimes make the Tourney, but not so good that we’re going to do any REAL damage (see:  the Seahawks in this year’s NFL playoffs).

But, you know what?  In the grand scheme of Husky Basketball things?  We’re vastly VASTLY over-achieving.  And to fire someone simply because he hasn’t won a game in the Sweet 16 round is pretty ridiculous.  Remember where we were before Romar took over!  Look at the local coaching tree we’ve got with Seattle U and Wazzu both taking desciples.  Consider, if you will, the fun-to-watch, up-and-down pace Romar employs.  This IS a winning style of basketball.  It’s just unfortunate that we’ve always had flaws.

The fact of the matter is, we’re a better team when we DON’T have outside shooters.  We’re more steady in our offense because we’re attacking the rim and sending multiple guys after offensive rebounds.  Even without a real strong 3-point threat last year, we were still one of the highest scoring teams in the nation.  BUT, we didn’t quite have the bigs to bang down low and it cost us in a tough Sweet 16 matchup.

This year, we did have the shooters, but it’s the same deal.  Our bigs weren’t nearly as good as their bigs yesterday.  A byproduct of Romar’s style of play, I think, is that we absolutely do NOT feature the big man.  We DON’T feed the post time after time.  If you’re a highly-touted big man, why would you necessarily want to come here?  When Arizona is much more well-equipped to feature your talents more exclusively.

It’s a shame.  Because if we had ONE guy with even half the skills of a Derrick Williams on the team yesterday, maybe we wouldn’t have had to look at the bevy of missed lay-ins by You Know Who.

What those kids need to realize is, once you get ON our team, Romar’s the best coach you could ever hope for.  He’s taken mediocre teams and made them good; taken good teams and made them great.  He’s a guy who’s ALWAYS going to coach UP his basketball team, round them into shape come playoff time, and make sure you go into any situation with the appropriate game plan.  With the way UNC was playing yesterday, we had no business being anywhere NEAR winning that game.  But, under Romar, we kept it close all day.

An elite big man will always be an elite big man, even on a team like Washington.  You will still get your numbers if you come here, and you’ll get a chance to win.  With the elite-level guard talent we pull year after year after year, what more could you ask for?

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