News Flash: College Kids Like Smoking Weed

If you don’t want your school to be hit by scandal after scandal involving kids smoking marijuana, then start rooting for BYU.  You PROBABLY won’t be sorely disappointed.

I guess you could say this is a response to the Cougs basketball team.  But, it could just as easily be about any number of Huskies (take Johri Fogerson, for example).  The only difference is, we haven’t had any of our basketball players get caught (this year).

And that’s really what this is all about, isn’t it?  I’m gonna tell you right now, if you’re on the basketball team of pretty much every school in America, you’re GOING to be smoking weed.  Hell, I see no problem with it!  Honestly, for an athlete, I’d rather have them hitting the bong than getting piss-pants drunk every night.  Less calories, no hangover, and yet all the fun of ingesting a mind-abusing substance.

So, smoke weed to your heart’s content!  Shit, I plan on being first in line when they finally legalize it; it’s been forever since I’ve had a hit.

But DON’T get CAUGHT!  What’s the MATTER with you?  I mean, come on, we all know college kids do dumb shit and the authorities mostly let it slide.  College kids who are also basketball or football players can get away with fucking murder!  So, really, WHAT are you doing?  WHY are cops searching your apartment?  WHY are you driving around while stoned?

It just boggles the fucking mind.  Can’t people simply enjoy getting high in the comfort of their own homes without attracting the attention of the po-po?  It can’t be that hard, believe me, I was in college and I managed just fine!

Of course, the Husky fan in me just wants to laugh.  Ken Bone has to be pulling out what hair he has left after a third player gets hit with a third drug charge in three months.  What a bunch of fucking maroons!  Are the Cougs about to Coug it in the most Coug-like of all college basketball tournaments, the NIT?  Boy I hope so.  Hey hey hey hey, smoke weed everyday.

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