M’s Win Silva/Bradley Trade

Silva, in the best shape of his life

It was the utimate game of chicken.  After the two teams swapped underachieving head-cases – like two lunchroom students trading an egg-salad sandwich for a baggie of broccoli – the “Change of Scenery” didn’t quite take for either Carlos Silva or Milton Bradley.

Oh sure, each had moments of jubilation.  Carlos Silva did the unthinkable while starting out the season 8-0 with a 2.93 ERA over his first 11 starts.  Then, in mid-July, he reverted to his shitty-Mariners self:  lots of runs given up, and then injuries.  He ended the season going 2-6 in his next 10 starts, with his overall ERA ballooning to 4.22.

Compare that to Milton Bradley, and you’d probably say that the Cubs at least won the 2010 part of the battle.  Granted, his batting average never eclipsed .244 last season, and he WAS shut down at the end of July with injuries (not to mention his whole Month of May Freakout where he was placed on the restricted list for emotional issues).  But, if memory serves, Bradley DID have some game-winning moments.  Some big home runs early to either keep us in ballgames our win them outright.  Was he worth his paycheck?  Or, for that matter, the portion of money we were paying the Cubs to take Silva’s fat ass off our hands?  Definitely not.

Going into this Spring Training, it looked like the final nail was hammered home.  While Silva was coming off of a late-season injury, at least he managed to do some really quality pitching for a couple months.  He still kept his overall ERA to a career-average level (a level that was supposedly worth 4 years and $48 million in the first place).  Milton Bradley not only totally collapsed, but he contributed to a 101-loss team that was looking to get younger at his very position:  Left Field.  AND THEN, tack on the whole domestic abuse thing that may or may not have happened; it looked like an absolute LOCK that Bradley would be waived, we’d eat his stupid salary, and have to tip our caps to the Cubs for snookering us.

Oh ho, but it was not to be!  Milton Bradley came into Spring Training, focused on the task at hand, and in 37 Spring Training at bats has compiled a .324 batting average while playing his way into the starting lineup over Michael Saunders (who has been working on a new batting stance and, until Guti’s stomach problems reared their ugly heads, was on the fast track to start the season in Tacoma).

Meanwhile, read this.  Oh HELL to the yeah!  They blinked first!  Carlos Silva couldn’t win a 5th starting job on a team that finished 5th place in the NL Central a season ago – a full game BEHIND the dreadful Houston Astros.  And since he won’t take a AAA assignment, THEY are going to have to cut him and THEY are going to have to eat his salary like so many KFC Double-Downs eaten by one Carlos Silva.  $11.5 million.

TASTE IT CUBS!  Does it taste good?  Mmm, so yummy, Carlos Silva and his bullshit, MMMMM!

Here’s a quote I found quite appropriate:

“Obviously we’re dealing with a man at this stage of his career who’s not willing to face the facts … What he’s done for the last few years in his career, except for a two-month period, is way below major league standards. And he seems to have the continual problem [of] blaming everybody but himself.”

You don’t say!  That is SO unlike him!  For all this time I DIDN’T think he was the worst fucking pitcher on the face of the Earth, that there were supernatural forces conspiring against this hard working professional.  But now I know.  Now I know that Carlos Silva IS the worst fucking pitcher the world has ever seen.

And, for the Mariners to win this trade, all they have to do is see Milton Bradley play in a single game this year.  Jackie Z has done it again!

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