Romar, The Huskies, & A 3-Guard Line-Up?

I read this a while back before my website crashed due to the weight of my utter incompetence.  I’ll pull out the quote I like:

The (VCU) Rams play a three-guard lineup, which is something Romar is thinking about doing next season.

Uhh, how cool would THAT be?!  I’m not gonna lie to you, that suits me right down to the nubbin!

I went over what I feel is our 9-man rotation in a post last week; I also went over how lacking we are in the ol’ height department.  Now, if you think about my proposed starting 5 (It, Gaddy, Ross, Gant, Aziz), you could make the argument that THAT’S a 3-guard lineup right there.


What if it looked a little something like this:  IT, Gaddy, Wroten, Ross, Gant?  I know, that’s pretty much the insanest idea ever conceived … but do you realize how FAST and ATHLETIC that team would be?  You combine that lineup with a 40 Minutes Of Hell mentality, and you’ve got yourself a flashy, disruptive defensive unit.  Sprinkle in a little zone with a lot of fronting the post, quick double-teams, traps, forcing turnovers … something to think about.

And a lot to like, if you think as I do.  Imagine that lineup, with 4 minutes left in a tie game.  You think you got some guys who can make shots in that group?  Off the bat, you’ve got IT and Ross who are going to be BALLIN’.  You’ve got Gaddy who can spot up or drive; you’ve got Wroten who can spot up or drive; you’ve got Gant who can spot up or drive.  With Gant and Ross crashing the offensive glass, there are plenty of chances for someone to make a clutch basket late in games.

Hell, if it works for VCU, gets them all the way to the Final Four this year, what’s to say that couldn’t work for the Dawgs?  You’re looking at a team with no less than 4 guys destined for the NBA (Ross as likely the highest draft pick of the bunch, alongside IT, Wroten, and probably Gaddy; with an outside chance for a pure shooter like Wilcox; and let us not forget the fact that Aziz is over 7-foot).  You can’t tell me VCU has more talent now than the Dawgs will have going into next season’s Tournament.

All we gotta do is get there.

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