What Does She Have That I Don’t: Isaiah Thomas Leaves Huskies

I know I seem to say this a lot, but THIS is my worst God damned nightmare!  We just went from a Pac-10 Pac-12 contending team to an inconsistent, middle-of-the-road, NIT-bound also-ran.

This is awful.

For the last three seasons, we’ve had quality upper-classmen leadership (in addition to the already-quality leadership from the coaching staff).  I don’t care who you are (Kentucky), you NEED leadership from your players come crunch time!  Brockman begat Pondexter, Pondexter begat Thomas, Thomas was SUPPOSED to beget Thomas for one more year, which was just enough time for him to eventually beget someone else (Gaddy or Ross probably).

Who’s going to be our floor leader next year?  We’re a God damned rudderless ship over here!

I don’t just mean, “Who’s going to take the big shots?”  I KNOW who’s going to take the big shots.  It’s going to be The Terrence Ross Show!  If his (true) Freshman season was any indication, Ross is fearless when it comes to jacking the ball.  Allow him room to work a defender off the dribble, and you can expect a whole lot of Kobe references next season (hopefully minus all the rape).

We’re considerably younger next season as well.  Suggs and Gant will be our only seniors, so I guess this is good for them.  You can probably pencil Suggs into the starting lineup now, alongside some 4-man combo of Wroten, Gaddy, Ross, Gant, and N’Diaye (odds are Gant is out in that scenario, if we’re looking to go a little more traditional in our lineup).

Who does that leave?  Gaddy and N’Diaye will be Juniors (but really with only one season’s worth of D-I experience); Ross and Wilcox will be Sophomores; Simmons, Wroten and the rest will be Freshmen.

We’re young!  We’re a young team now.  Which is fine if you’re recruiting 5 blue chippers to replace those out-going after one-and-done seasons; but we’ve got, like, AH blue chipper.  Fortunately, he’s a guard, but still.

Maybe this means our true freshmen stand a chance at playing.  I still contend either Stewart or Andrews will be riding pine all year (after all, we’ll have to contend with Wroten probably being one-and-done).  Wroten, if he doesn’t start, will stand to still play at least 25 minutes.  If he turns out to be the talent we’ve been promised … MAYBE things will be okay?

God, I don’t even know what I’m saying right now; this is all too surreal.  I’ve been living my life all season long with the knowledge that IT would be back next year.  It was simply without QUESTION!  He would come back and we would God damned avenge our early exit this year!  Not only is he gone, but Christ in Hell, so are our chances at winning!

Ugh, this is the worst day of my life.  I fucking hate every other college basketball team in the world right now.  I hope all Final Four teams’ planes crash into Cowboys Stadium (on their flights down to Houston this weekend), killing everyone and Jerry Jones instantly.

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