2011 Seattle Mariners Opening Day Roster

I’m by no means going to make it a habit of posting Seattle’s roster before every game.  But, since today is Opening Day, I’m making an exception.

Aren’t you curious as to what our Final Day Roster will be and how different it will look from today’s?  Aren’t you at all curious as to what our average overall 2011 roster will look like by taking the people who played the most and putting them in the proper order?  Wouldn’t it be weird if every game’s roster was the same?

Anyway, here it is.  Don’t think I WON’T be looking at how our roster shifts and morphs throughout the season:

  1. Ichiro – RF
  2. Chone Figgins – 3B
  3. Milton Bradley – LF
  4. Jack Cust – DH
  5. Justin Smoak – 1B
  6. Miguel Olivo – C
  7. Ryan Jagerbombs – CF
  8. Brendan Ryan – SS
  9. Jack Wilson – 2B

By the way, did you know we closed last season with a 4-game series loss to the A’s?  AND, did you know we STARTED last season with a 4-game series in Oakland where we went 1-3?  Maybe a regular ol’ 3-game series against the A’s will make things seem less daunting.  I dunno.  1-7 in the first and last series against the A’s … no WONDER we lost 101 games!

For your personal reference, here’s what Opening Day looked like last year:

  1. Ichiro – RF
  2. Chone Figgins – 2B
  3. Casey Kotchman – 1B
  4. Milton Bradley – LF
  5. Ken Griffey Jr. – DH
  6. Jose Lopez – 3B
  7. Franklin Gutierrez – CF
  8. Rob Johnson – C
  9. Jack Wilson – SS


This was the last time Kotchman was ever good.  Also, it’s fun to see Jack Wilson is so highly regarded as a hitter.

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