Suck It Kentucky Wildcats

Sour grapesmuch?

I’m not gonna blow this one out too much, but I thought I’d take a moment to revel in Kentucky’s failure.  After all, since my teams never actually WIN anything, the next best thing is to take delight in watching teams that I hate lose.  Of course, what bigger stage could there be to lose on than the Final Four (except MAYBE the BCS Championship game … suck it Ducks).

Let’s face it, Kentucky already has an advantage over most other teams because they cheat.  They (read:  John Calipari) break NCAA rules, they steal players who’ve committed to other teams, and they don’t really build a solid foundation of a program because they just reload with One-And-Done players every year.  They’re pathetic, and they don’t deserve to win a damn thing.

They NEEDED to lose.  Kentucky winning a championship is just another thing they can point to when they’re trying to steal recruits who’ve verbally committed to other schools.  As it is, it sickens me that they made it as far as the Final Four, but you know what?  The further you go, the farther you fall.

Losing on Saturday must have been simply heartbreaking, wasn’t it Kentucky?  Believing you had a team good enough to go all the way, getting OH SO CLOSE, and then choking at the end.  Boy, that must have been totally ruining your night, huh?

HA.  Fuck you Wildcats and Wildcats fans.  That goes for you too Arizona.  GLAD you lost too.

Now Terrence Jones can go off and make millions of dollars knowing he was a loser in his college basketball “career”.

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