You Can NOT Mess With Texas

Just keep telling yourself, “This is going to be a long year.  This is going to be a LONG year.”

Look, they’re just better than us, all right?  With that offense, they might win 100 games.  Even their crappy, slap-hitting batters at the bottom of their order make OUR crappy, slap-hitting batters look like we’re swinging wet noodles.  Whereas they force defenders to make great infield plays, we keep hitting come-backers to the mound.  Whereas all of THEIR runs batted in were generated from extra base hits, all of OURS are seemingly generated from fielders choices with less than 2 outs.

Let’s face it, for us to stay in this race, the Rangers are going to have to get hit hard with some SERIOUS injuries.  I wouldn’t mind having seen the last of Nelson Cruz due to a broken leg in an automobile accident on the way to the stadium, I’ll tell you THAT much.

Bedard looked pretty mediocre, what can I say?  Unless your name is Felix, you’re PROBABLY not gonna look too good out there in the early going.  Especially when said Early Going involves a trip down to Texas.  They couldn’t be hotter if they were eating ghost chilis on the sun!  But, I suppose what we’ll read about Bedard today is that, “It’s a victory just seeing him out there pitching again.”  Yeah, I guess.  Now, if he could just regain his form of two years ago before we hit rock bottom, that would be nice.

Mariners batting with Runners In Scoring Position:  3 of 13.  Once again we had a starting pitcher on the ropes, and once again we let him off the hook.  Yeah, we scored 4 runs, which you figure is a miracle unto itself, but we could’ve had more and it WOULDN’T have taken a whole lot.  There were plenty of opportunities where we had tying runs in scoring position and couldn’t pull the trigger.  Would’ve changed the later stages of this game tremendously.  God, what I wouldn’t give for some clutchness!

We lost by 2, which is funny because that’s the same number of unearned runs for Bedard thanks to Ichiro’s error in right field.  Yeah, it was an awkward play; no, I’m not going to kill the guy.  But jeez, it’s plays like that … they’re the difference between being Winners and being Losers.  Unfortunate.

I don’t think I’ve ever in my life seen Jack Cust hit the ball hard; I don’t think he’s physically capable of it!  If that man ever hits a home run this year, I will be shocked and amazed.  Maybe someone should offer him a couple (or fifty) hot dogs for his first dinger, give him a little motivation.

By the way, I’m going to keep mentioning Justin Smoak every day he keeps up this hitting streak.  He went 2 for 4 last night with another double.  I like, I like!

Pineda tonight.  Go find a TV at around 5:05pm Pacific Time.  It’s either going to be a sight to behold or a spectacular failure.  Either way, I wouldn’t miss it for the world.  We have a guy who can throw 98mph again!

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