Felix Day Marred By 24 Other Mariners

Well, let’s see.  There were back-to-back errors by second baseman Jack Wilson, which gave Felix 2 unearned runs and the loss.  There’s the offense that could only muster 3 runs off of 6 hits, 2 walks, and an error.  There was Chris Ray ONCE AGAIN showing his true colors (different shades of shit brown, if you ask me) by giving up 2 runs off of 2 hits in his 1/3rd of an inning pitched.  There was Brandon League with a hit and an error to really blow this game open in the 8th inning.

What does all of that add up to?  Well, it means we’re 0-4 in games where Chone Figgins hasn’t gotten a hit.  It means we got swept by the red-hot Texas Rangers like I thought we probably would.  It means a once-promising road trip ends in shame before I’ve even left the office.

I hate weekday day games.  Hell, I hate ALL day games.  You’ll never see bad Mariners teams mailing it in harder than they do on day games, don’t ask me why.

I decided to catch an hour’s worth at a bar for lunch yesterday, boy was THAT a mistake.

I got to see Jack Wilson just look pathetic on his two errors in the bottom of the second inning.  The first one, a clean throw, he just flat out dropped for what could have been a double play.  The second one, this time he caught, but then he threw about fifteen feet wide of first base on the turn.  Just miserable.  That helped push Felix’s pitch count over 40 after two innings, probably resulting in him tiring early, definitely prohibiting him from going an 8th inning.

Honestly, it’s no surprise that they pulled him from the game immediately after.  I’m just glad he had no problem with it.  Jack Wilson is a man without a position right now.  They’re TRYING to get him to stick at second, but I don’t know if it’s going to work.

HOPEFULLY we’ll see left-handed starting pitchers with less frequency from here on out.  Jesus Fucking Christ!

Oh, and also:  I hate Chris Ray.  If he plays in Friday’s game, I’m going to run out on that motherfucking field and kick him in the testicles.  Then I’m going pluck Eric Wedge’s moustache out hair by hair until he looks ridiculous!  (Yes, I am actually going to the Home Opener.  Should be plenty of seats still available since the Mariners stink).

I mean, the God-damned guy is a walking fucking travesty!  Chris Ray, for Christ’s sake, FIGURE IT THE FUCK OUT!  He’s gotten 4 outs this year.  In that time, he’s given up 5 hits and 3 runs!

The worst part of it is, Tacoma’s season hasn’t even started yet, so who would we even call up?  Who’s been pitching since Spring Training ended?  Essentially, we’re stuck with this Chris Ray douche for another two weeks at minimum.

DON’T put him in another Felix game, Wedge.  I WILL hurt you.  (No, no I won’t either).

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