The Mariners Can’t Hit With Runners In Scoring Position

Well, we were 1 for 11.  And THIS was a game we actually HAD a chance in hell of winning.

We’re getting frightfully close to the point where we’ve lost so many games in a row, I can’t envision ever winning again.  My brain knows that’s not true, but there’s some other deeper yearning inside me.  I’m like a crying baby whose mommy just left me with a strange babysitter:  even though she’s the all-important Mommy and is my entire life – and I should know better than to think this – I can’t shake the feeling that she just left for good and is never coming back.

But, since I’m an infant, the crying passes and I forget all about everything I knew just ten minutes prior.

Such is life when you’re a Mariner fan.  As soon as that broadcast is finished, you just gotta turn the channel and find something else to occupy your mind until you’ve forgotten all about the existence of a baseball team.  Otherwise, you’ll be doomed to dwell on some of the worst-hitting baseball you’ve ever seen in your life.

For the last year and one week.  Hell, 2009’s team wasn’t all that much better at the plate, but at least they found a way to get some clutch hits.  Our record used to be AMAZING in 1-run games!  Now … I don’t even know what to tell you.

How does it feel to know – before the season even starts – that the team you root for is destined for the cellar of not only the AL West, but the entirety of Major League Baseball?  How does it feel to have those beliefs affirmed in the first 8 games?  All. Kinds. Of. Shitty.

At least Figgins broke his 0-fer yesterday with two hits.  Of course, there’s still Jack Cust and Brendan Ryan dragging us down with their ineptitude.  Hard to blame just a few guys, though; this is a TEAM effort we’ve got on our hands!  We’ve lost 6 games in 7 days and today we have Erik Bedard on the hill, hoping to break the skid.  Since it’s a Sunday afternoon game, I’ll go ahead and pencil in this one as a loss as well.

Root root root for the home team …

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