Two Interesting Developments

The first would be:  we saw Jack Wilson start a baseball game at second base.  He went 0 for 4 at the plate, had zero errors, and then was pinch-hit for late in the game.  Looks like Wedge really DOESN’T hold a grudge.  How about that.

Really, that’s not so interesting, I just thought I’d comment on it (and how wrong I was in the title of this post).  Still, you know he’s going to be traded at some point this season, so let’s move on.

The other thing is:  Guti’s back!  Well, not BACK back.  But, he’s up in Seattle, he took batting practice yesterday, and he’s soon to be exploring the minor leagues in a rehab assignment.  Down 15 pounds – and still without a formal diagnosis as to WHAT the fuck he actually has wrong with him – Guti’s at least feeling better.  He can eat again, which is pretty important, I’d say.

So, that’ll be exciting, huh?  Having our Gold Glove center fielder back out there?

Well, here’s something slightly troubling:  whose spot is he going to take on the roster?

Michael Saunders has seen increased production at the plate since his new batting stance AND he leads the team in RBI.  Ryan Langerhans is the prototypical 4th Outfielder type; a guy who can sit on the bench for days and days, then come in and play any spot in the outfield AND handle his business at the plate.  The guy leads us in Home Runs for Christ’s sake!

I don’t want to see either one of them leave, but what are you gonna do?  You can’t have 5 outfielders on your team!  Or can you?

Ideally, one of our bullpen guys (Wilhelmsen) would be sent down to Tacoma to make room for Guti; but I don’t think anyone has any reason to be confident in our starters’ abilities to go long in ballgames.  We can’t get rid of any of our bench infielders – Kennedy or Rodriguez – as they’ve both been incredibly productive.  And, if we’re ever going to rest our infield starters, we’re going to need both of their bodies on this team.

I’m afraid there’s just no other options.  It’s either Langerhans or Saunders.  I know for a fact Saunders still has an Option left (and I’m pretty sure he was going to get chopped before the season anyway had Guti not had a relapse).  But, I dunno.  I wish there was a way to pass Langerhans through waivers and hang onto him for later in the season.

I mean, shit, you just KNOW Milton Bradley’s going to get injured at SOME point.  I’d really like to know I had Langerhans on this team when that certainty happens!

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