Mariners Suffer Bad-Quality Starts

Including today’s game, there’s a disturbing trend going on in the first 2+ weeks of the seasons:  we can’t score runs early!  It’s not like we’ve been blown out of EVERY game; we’ve only lost by 5 or more runs 3 times (not yet counting today).  In the others, we’re finding ways to keep them close when it’s over.  But, just take a look at the deficits we’re facing:

  • 4/16 – 5-0 after 6
  • 4/15 – 6-1 after 7
  • 4/14 – 5-0 after 7
  • 4/11 – 7-0 after 6*
  • 4/10 – 6-1 after 6
  • 4/8 – 11-0 after 4
  • 4/6 – 3-1 after 4
  • 4/4 – 3-0 after 3

We can’t come back from 3 runs down!  Aside from that 8-run explosion on the 11th, we haven’t overtaken ANY of these teams for the win!

So, what’s our problem?  Surprisingly enough, it’s not Doug Fister or Michael Pineda having problems early.  And aside from that Home Opener, Vargas has looked like his steady self.  Nope, it’s been Felix with his usual early-season struggles; and of course it’s been Bedard trying to come back from two seasons of injury.

With our offense as bad as it is, and with our bullpen being a collapse waiting to happen, we HAVE to rely on our starters to give us quality starts!

We’ve been held to merely 7 quality starts so far this year.  We’ve yet to garner a shutout.  These are problems, and not the kinds of problems we expected.  Hell, we’re LUCKY to have 4 wins in our pocket; I’m surprised MORE quality starts haven’t been blown by shakey offense and a non-factor bullpen.  If we can’t count on our horses, our two starters with the most experience and arguably some of the nastiest stuff around (Felix & Bedard), who are we going to count on?

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