The 10-Loss Club

We’re in exclusive company!  I know Jack Zduriencik promised to build up our farm system when he was hired, what I DIDN’T know was that he’d be doing that with #2 draft picks every year!

Ten losses isn’t really much of a milestone; everyone is going to get there eventually.  You’ll know you’re in the Playoff Chase when you hit your 10th loss in May.  But, when you get your 10th loss on April 15th … gird your loins, because it’s going to be a LONG season.

We’re currently tied for 2nd worst with the Houston Astros.  Laughably enough, BOSTON of all teams is dead last with a 2-10 record.  Of course, anyone who believes the Red Sox will continue to stay in last place is about as stupid as they get (though, a girl can dream, can’t she …); my money is on Boston getting super hot in the summer months and overtaking whoever’s on top in the East.  Mark my words.

The Mariners?  Not so much.  Though it’s nice to see they’re fighting for every inch like last night when they came back with four runs in the 8th and 9th innings to lose by 1.

You know who I LIKE on this team?  David Pauley and Aaron Laffey.  Two guys in our bullpen who come in when it’s out of hand, and DON’T give up any more runs!  How about that?  Yeah, I know Pauley gave up a run yesterday, but he went 2.1, and for the season his ERA is 2.57.  Glad SOMEONE in this bullpen can be counted on.  It’s nice to know two of the weaker-throwing bullpen guys are tons more effective than the Chris Rays, Josh Luekes and Tom Wilhelmsens of the world.

Also, Justin Smoak.  MAN, I don’t want to jinx nothin’, but he could be REAL good … RBI bases loaded walk last night in the 9th inning.  How about THAT for ballsy?

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