Friend Or Fraud?

Now, to be perfectly clear, I’m a big supporter of Sonicsgate.  I think their documentary is amazing and I would highly encourage anyone and everyone who’s a basketball fan to watch and be outraged.  And, as for the cause – getting pro basketball back to Seattle – I’m ALL for it, 100%.  As you may or may not know, I’ve given up the NBA until we get a new team, and to be quite frank I miss it.  Being a basketball fan is in my blood; I won’t be complete until we get a “Sonics” team back in Seattle.

I’m reluctant to bash Sonicsgate because I think they feel pretty much like I do.  Maybe they still follow the NBA on a regular basis, unlike myself, but in the end we have a common goal (and a common enemy).

But, then I’ve started noticing a bunch of random tweets from them in my feed.  They’re … soliciting donations?  Read here.

Essentially, they want to send four people down to Denver on Saturday, April 23rd, so they can wear Sonics gear, hold up signs for the national television audience, and stand up whenever a camera pans over in their direction.

On the one hand, I enjoy the civil disobedience aspect of this maneuver – even though they’re not likely breaking any rules.  But, on the other hand, they want US to pay for it?

The cynic in me might think that they’re just doing this so they can go to a basketball game in Denver for free.  We, the Sonicsgate fans, are sending you, Sonicsgate, to a playoff game … and what is our return?

Well, it’s the exposure.  It’s letting the NBA know that we’re die-hard basketball fans and that Seattle deserves a team!  It’s a reminder that we won’t be ignored.

That’s all well and good, except at this point it’s a non-story.  In 2011, we’re already three years removed.  Watch the videos on that link, they’re actually kinda sad.  ESPN, in 2011, isn’t going to have a segment on four guys who went to see a Nuggets/Thunder game wearing Sonics jerseys.  And you know who’s REALLY not going to be talking about Sonicsgate?  The NBA.  That means, whoever is announcing the game … they won’t say one damn word about the four dudes wearing green and gold, no matter how many times the camera accidentally catches them.

I mean, seriously?  All those videos show is that, every once in a while, someone with a Sonics flag stands up near the basket.  Or some guy holds a “Seattle Drafted Durant” sign while he shoots free throws or sits at his team bench.

Again, I have no problem with these things, but pay for it yourself!  What’s the return on our investment here?  Maybe if it was 40 guys in a section instead of 4, we’d be a block that couldn’t be ignored.  But, as it is, this thing just smacks of being shady.

I dunno.  I wouldn’t give them money to send them to a game, but that’s me.  86 other people decided that’s something they wouldn’t mind doing (including 2 people who gave $300); who am I to tell you how to spend your money?  At least they’re offering some cool stuff for people who do give money.  I mean, shit, $25 is a hell of a deal for the Sonicsgate DVD alone!

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