Review: Three For The Show

I hope you got to watch.  Boy, that was really something!

I guess you’d call this a mini-series?  There was an hour yesterday, then an hour next Tuesday, and the final hour is the following Tuesday after the draft.

What did I learn from yesterday’s episode?  Well, I learned I’m really rooting for that Virginia Tech quarterback, Tyrod Taylor.  Before yesterday, I’d never heard of the guy (wasn’t really interested in the last Orange Bowl; knew Stanford would roll), but within minutes I knew this was the type of quarterback that would go in the middle of the draft.  Maybe a 3rd or 4th round pick.  If some team had a bug up their ass, MAYBE the lower 2nd round, but no higher.

I have a general fondness for these types of quarterbacks.  Guys who are deemed better “athletes” than throwers.  Guys who’ve been playing quarterback all their lives, but are also guys NFL teams want to convert to receivers, running backs, returners, or safeties.  I always find myself rooting for them to figure it out, get comfortable in the pocket, and make those same kinds of throws that Peyton Manning makes.

The ultimate example is Steve McNair.  This is a guy who figured it out and became one of the clutchest 4th quarter players of his era.  He eventually lost all his mobility, but since the Titans believed in him, he was able to make a successful career based solely on his arm.

But, you know, for every McNair or McNabb there are dozens of Seneca Wallaces and Rick Mirers.  Hopefully, for his sake, Tyrod Taylor resembles the former more than the latter.

You know what else I learned?  I still don’t like Cam Newton.  On the surface, he seems like a good-enough kid, but on the surface he also seems phony.  Unlikeable.  Arrogant.  Like a guy who’s going to go into the NFL and be the spitting image of JaMarcus Russell.  Won’t want to work hard, won’t want to follow instructions from his coaches, won’t make the effort to watch tape or improve in any way from what he was in college, and in the end will be fat and bloated because he eats too much Lucky Charms with extra marshmallows.

Some team is going to draft Cam Newton in the first round, and some team is going to be sorely disappointed.

Finally, I learned that I’m absolutely the target demo for this show:  a fan of the Washington Huskies.  I’m certain that’s not necessarily what they were looking for, but I’ll be damned if yesterday’s episode wasn’t chock full of the warm fuzzies for me and anyone else who bleeds Purple & Gold.

A little background on Jake Locker staying for his senior season, nice interview with his dad, a touching toast inside the Locker RV before the Apple Cup, and a thrilling overview of the Washington Huskies season with 3 games left to play in the regular season.  Chills!  I know this would never get made, but if Sports Illustrated came out with one of those DVD sets about the 2010 Huskies, I would buy that thing in a heartbeat!

Do you realize just how great last season was?  How amazing it was to be 3-6 and marching towards our first bowl game in YEARS?  Then, to make that bowl game and lay the lumber to the Cornhuskers?

My recommendation:  find out when ESPN is replaying this show during the week and DVR that son of a bitch!  You’re gonna want to watch the Jake Locker parts over and over.  Hell, you’re gonna want to save those parts and show ’em to your grandkids!  Seasons like 2010 don’t come around very often, with the circumstances and the performances … I mean, it was like a Hollywood ending to a career for Jake Locker.

I don’t see how it’ll be topped next week, but suffice it to say I’ll be watching.

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