Locker Will Be A Better Pro Than Newton

Man, the more I watch this “Three For The Show” deal, the less I like Cam Newon.  I mean, there’s a difference between self-confidence and self-importance.  Everyone around him kisses his ass like it’s curing cancer!  That guy’s head is way too big; he’s spending more time thinking about himself than what it takes to get it done at the next level.

Yes, you need to be confident in your ability, but you also need to be humble.  There’s nothing about Cam Newton that says he’s EVER been humbled.  Yeah, he was forced to leave Florida, but that was because he was an idiot!  Then, he messed around for a year, and finally came back to kick ass at Auburn.  What has that guy learned about overcoming adversity?  When you’re as athletic as him, you can be the biggest jackass around and still get every opportunity to make all your dreams come true.

Anyway, what does it matter?  Some poor team is going to pick him in the top 10 tomorrow night and they’re going to promptly continue sucking for the next five years.

This one – surprise, surprise – is going to focus more on my man Locker.  I think, when their careers are over, Locker will have been the better Pro than Newton.

Now, what does that mean?  Well, they could both be nobodies who flame out spectacularly.  Even THEN, I’m telling you, we’ll end up breaking down TD/Int ratios and Locker will get the nod.

What I find far more likely, now anyway, is that Newton is a bust and Locker is at LEAST somewhat good.

I wasn’t saying that a month ago.  But now, I might be changing my tune a little bit.  These articles by John McGrath and Michael Silver are certainly part of it.  Now I don’t know if I’m more worried that the Seahawks will have to make a tough decision on Jake Locker, or that Jake Locker will be long gone before we even pick!

The following quote in the McGrath piece pretty much sums up my new line of thinking:

Nobody in the 2011 draft class figures to be more diligent about investing time and effort into his craft than Locker, whose practice time with the Huskies was limited by NCAA rules.

The best quarterbacks are the ones who give themselves over 100%.  Who spend every waking moment watching film, practicing, getting stronger.  Guys who have the utmost respect for the game itself, as opposed to guys who are only concerned about their place in that game’s history.

And, you know, it doesn’t hurt to know that there are a lot of doubters out there.  Every great quarterback needs some kind of chip on his shoulder.  They need to be able to look back at some failing, or some perceived failing, and know they always have something to prove.

And you want to talk about humble?  I mean, look at a guy who’s been injured practically throughout his Husky career.  A guy who missed almost a full season in 2008 (or maybe it just seemed that way), a guy who had to endure that 0-12 from the bench, a guy who decided to stick around for his senior year rather than be the Number 1 draft pick.  If that isn’t humble, believe me, humble doesn’t exist.

Of course, no one would ever criticize Jake Locker the man.  But, Jake Locker the Thrower is another matter.  Which is why I really like this quote from the Silver piece:

He had more drops [by receivers] than anyone in the Pac-10, and he was running for his life – his line was probably the worst in the conference.

Nobody ever talks about this!  Husky fans know.  We’ve seen these receivers drop wide open throws.  We’ve seen this line struggle.  In 2008, our O-line most certainly WAS the worst in the conference.  We might have gotten a little better through Sark, but still, you have to figure it’s still in the bottom half as far as pass protection is concerned.  How can you expect a guy to be comfortable in the pocket when he’s always got guys in his face?  Now you know why Locker is so good at throwing off the run; he’s had a LOT of practice.

Anyway, it’s gonna take a while to see how this thing ends up, but I like Locker’s chances more and more.  Wherever he ends up tomorrow, you better believe I’ll be looking at that team a little more fondly.

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