Draft Day!

With the 25th pick in the 2011 NFL Draft, the Seattle Seahawks … trade with the Miami Dolphins for their second and third round picks (also going to Miami, let’s say a 6th round pick).

By the way, if that scenario really happens, my mind would officially be blown.

Why don’t Mock Draft guys do mock drafts where they predict trades?  I mean, because all you’re really doing is playing a game here.  It’s not like it’s THAT hard to look at all the NFL teams, compile a list of all their needs, and then figure out the best college players to fill those needs.

Oh, the Seahawks have an obvious need at Quarterback.  Jake Locker’s stock is falling, he’s a Northwest guy, so OF COURSE the Seahawks are going to take him.  Not taking him would be a huge upset!

It’s lazy, is what it is!  Predict the draft-day trades!  If you would’ve predicted before last year’s draft that the Seahawks would trade for both Leon Washington and LenDale White, you would be a GOD among Mock Drafters.

But no, everyone just keeps churning out the same Mock Drafts every damn year.  Mel Kiper has been on autopilot for the last decade!  For instance, you’d think, if you were so involved with the NFL Draft every year, that you’d KNOW Al Davis will make a stupid, out-of-right-field pick.  You know how in golf you have to account for wind and adjust your shot accordingly?  Well, in NFL Mock Drafts, you have to account for Al Davis’ crazy factor!

Anyway, I’ll shut up about that now.  Because all anyone around here cares about is:  1.  Where will Jake Locker Go?  and 2.  What will the Seahawks do with their 25th pick?

My official guess:  knowing nothing about the draft order or who needs what, I say that Jake goes somewhere in the Teens, and I say that the Seahawks don’t even MAKE a pick today.  We’re trading out of this round so hard, it’s going to make everyone’s head spin.

Which, in all honesty, wouldn’t bother me too much.  No, I don’t like the idea of not having a first round pick, but really, is the 25th pick even IN the first round anymore?  In an ideal world, we will have three draft picks tomorrow, and one of them will be Andy Dalton, one of them will be an offensive guard, and one of them will be a cornerback with some size.

Last year, we had one of our best drafts in YEARS and years.  This year, we probably won’t be graded so high initially, but I bet we’re able to grab a lot of pieces to help us in our road to recovery.

Just … for the love of God, don’t draft Mark Ingram!  One of our strengths next year is running back; PLEASE, don’t waste a First Round pick on another!

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