April: Great Success!

Normally, in a month where you go 13-15, one would NOT call that month a “Great Success”.  But, those people would also not be following this year’s Mariners team.

At one point, very early in April, the Mariners lost 11 of 13 games.  The starting pitching was mediocre, the relief pitching was God-awful, and the hitting was even worse.  Nothing could go right for those Mariners.

Then, Eric Wedge had his first of what we expect to be many meltdowns, where he chewed new assholes for 25 guys behind closed doors.  From that point … we played .500 ball for the next 8 days.  There were some bright spots (a 13-run explosion, back-to-back shutouts), but at the end of the run we were still 8-15, still 7 games under .500.

After that, going into the final stretch of games of the month, I don’t know WHAT happened.  Did we get lucky?  Did we catch good teams playing badly?  Are we ultimately a better road team than home team?

Whatever the case, we won five in a row to close out the month only 2 games under .500.  That’s INSANE!  And these weren’t all 1-0 affairs.  In the Detroit series alone we scored 24 runs.  Then, we came right back and popped Boston for 5 before that masterful Fister performance on Saturday.

So yeah, the end result is pretty amazing.  Coming into the month, though, you had to hope for just a little more.  Who could’ve expected Cleveland would be one of the best teams in the league?  And for crying out loud, Kansas City isn’t terrible!

As far as May is concerned, I don’t know what to tell you.  We start out with Texas, so there are 3 potential losses right there.  We see Minnesota and Baltimore 5 times, and they’re not nearly as bad as their records indicate.  We go to Cleveland, and since they’re going to be the champions of the AL this year, you have to account for 3 more losses.  And, HEY, the Yankees come to town for a weekend set!  That oughtta help out the gate a little bit.

I would say, if we manage to hover somewhere around what we did in April again in May, that I’ll get to write another back-handedly glowing piece this time next month.  Ooo, can you feel the excitement in the air???

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