Michael Saunders & Brendan Ryan Are Making Me Ill

I can’t watch these guys anymore!  I’m tired of watching guys from the NL come over to our team and suck dick, I’m tired of prospects given every chance to play and ultimately fail, I’m tired of all the 0 for 3’s and 0 for 4’s!

Last night, Brendan Ryan had 3 at bats.  In those 3 at bats, he saw 5 pitches.  With those 5 pitches, he managed to make 5 outs thanks to his back-to-back double plays.  The only thing you can say about Ryan’s game is, at least he didn’t injure one of our successful players.  Except, I gotta think the stench of failure has to be making the guys around him queasy.

The month of May is just starting, we’ve only played 3 games so far.  Yet, Michael Saunders has still managed to go 0 for 11 with 5 strikeouts.  He has absolutely no other stat in these three games.  At what point do we cut our losses and declare Michael Saunders a bust?  Because, seriously, I’m getting tired of watching him whiff.

Maybe it’s because these guys seem to always come up to bat with runners on.  Yet, Brendan Ryan hasn’t had an RBI since April 19th!  It’s been 11 games since Ryan has contributed to the team in any kind of meaningful way.  And Saunders?  Forget about it, he hasn’t had an RBI since April 15th!  That’s 15 unproductive games in a row.

With Ryan, I almost understand his struggles.  I mean, it’s not like he was a big ol’ bat when we got him, and now he’s got to learn a whole new set of pitchers.  Elite pitchers at that.  With Ryan, I’m more angry with management for saddling us with him.  I know Jackie Z is a National League guy, but he’s gotta start making trades with AL teams or my head is going to explode.

As far as Saunders is concerned, I’m done.  Every once in a while he flashes something brilliant – a homer to deep center, a double the other way, an amazing catch in the outfield – but then it’s right back to sheer incompetence for the next 10-14 days.  I can’t take it!  Turn the fucking corner or get out of the fucking car!  If Saunders doesn’t start figuring it the fuck out like Smoak seems to have done, then I’m sorry, but I’d rather watch Langerhans and Bradley platoon in left field when Guti comes back.  The promise of Saunders isn’t going to cut it anymore.  He’s going to have to deliver.

2 thoughts on “Michael Saunders & Brendan Ryan Are Making Me Ill

  1. I hope you don’t still hate brendan ryan. Also Figgins is a bigger bust then anyone and he came from an AL team, so IDK where all this hate towards NL players comes from. Especially since the league doesn’t change a batters ability or make him slump.

    • Admittedly, it wasn’t long after this post where Brendan Ryan went on his tear (and ultimately landed himself at the #2 spot in the lineup), but I would point to guys throughout the last decade who have come over from the NL and stunk up the joint. Certainly can’t blame Jack for the bulk of these guys, but take a look at:

      Jack Wilson, Jeff Cirillo, Rich Aurilia, and of course, Al Martin. And, you could say we didn’t exactly get who we thought we’d get when we signed Beltre & Sexson (though, Beltre wasn’t a total catastrophe).

      I would say the bulk of the pitching talent is located in the AL; so when guys come over from the NL, they’re at a bit of a disadvantage. For every Adrian Gonzalez, there are dozens of Jeff Cirillos who try to come over and fail. Still, it’s nice to see Brendan Ryan not be the complete black hole at the plate he was in the first month of the season.

      And yes, Figgins is probably the worst player I’ve seen since Jeff Cirillo, which just goes to show you that when it comes to the Mariner Jinx, it doesn’t matter WHAT league you come from.

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