Goodbye Uncle Milty Jagerbombs & Uncle Milty

**UPDATE #2** nevermind again.  HA!

**UPDATE** nevermind.  Ryan Langerhans, we kinda knew ye.

The Mariners just called up a right-handed slugger who plays the corner outfield spots.

The Mariners also just played a weekend series where Milton Bradley played like his usual ass-clown self.  Getting ejected on Friday, letting balls fall in on Saturday and Sunday; somehow looking both like he doesn’t give a shit and gives TOO MUCH of a shit.

Yes, he’s obviously still a better option at the plate than Saunders or Langerhans, but that says WAY more about Saunders and Langerhans than it does about Bradley’s rate of success.

As much as I – a Mariners fan – wanted to “win” the Carlos Silva Trade, I just gotta face facts:  when you’re talking about Silva and Bradley, there ARE no winners.  Yeah, Bradley gave us a little something the first couple weeks of the season (more than the Cubs got out of Silva this year, anyway), but now it’s time to cut and run while we’re still within shouting distance of .500.

Bradley, you won’t be missed.  Here’s to the Mariners doing the right thing and severing all ties.

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