Isaiah Thomas Officially A Pro, Future Second Round Draft Pick

I’ve stopped holding out any hope for a triumphant IT return to the Huskies, but the weekend provided a significant date putting the seal on his college career.

Now, the only thing we can speculate on is:  Is Isaiah Thomas making the right decision?

Since I no longer know a thing about the NBA, I don’t know what the league looks like as far as quality point guards are concerned.  But, I feel like I know IT’s game well enough and I think he’s making the best possible decision given his circumstances.

What we have to ask is:  how could his stock get any higher than it is?  As it stands, it looks like his stock has him going in the second round.  I know enough to know that a second rounder won’t be getting any guaranteed money.  A second rounder won’t be getting a guaranteed anything!  The second round is for projects.  It’s for guys a team hopes might round out the last couple of positions on their bench.  But, if you’re a quality point guard, I think you’ve got an upper hand over a gangly shooter, or a big man with a suspect post game.

Isaiah Thomas is a quality point guard.  He’s not the best, of course, and he’s small.  But, he can distribute the ball in traffic and he knows his place on a team; he’s going into this thing with the right frame of mind.  Coming into college, IT was a flat-out scorer.  In the pros, he’s going to have to be a passer.  And he knows this about himself.

From what I’m being told by people in the media who know more about this than myself, next year’s draft class will be off-the-charts good.  IT is far more likely to stand out this year.  And, he took a huge leap forward with his point guard skills this past season when he became our primary ball-handler.

What people aren’t necessarily talking about, however, is the most important factor in this decision:  if Isaiah Thomas returned to the Huskies, he wouldn’t even be the best pro prospect ON the Huskies!

Would we, as a team, be better if he returned?  Undoubtedly.  He’d be our unquestioned leader, he’d be the guy taking all the shots at the end of the game, we’d be relying on him and him alone to take us as far as we’d go next season.  But, scouts are already saying that Terrence Ross could be a top 10 pick in next year’s draft.  And if Tony Wroten is a one-and-done player like we think he will be, there’s yet another guy with a higher draft stock already; and Tony Wroten plays the same position as IT!

But, just because we’d be a better team with IT doesn’t mean we’d be a better team.  The Huskies STILL do not have a quality scoring big man going into next season.  We’re going to be a team that relies too heavily on the outside jumper, and you can see how well we did last season with that kind of offensive game.

So, yes, IT is making the right call.  Will it ultimately lead to him actually being an NBA player?  Remains to be seen, but I’ll be rooting hard for the kid.

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