It Makes M’Angry: When Felix & Pineda Lose Back To Back

Granted, Pineda only got a No Decision, but you get the idea.

And you can tell it makes Wedge angry.  ESPECIALLY when we lose a Felix start.  Boy does his blood boil!  I don’t know what the opposite of a doghouse is (I reckon, a People House probably), but Felix is in it.  MAN does Wedgie love him some Felix!  Check out this praise-filled quote I stole from the Seattle Times Mariners Blog:

It’s almost unfair, because even when he’s a little off, he’s so much better than anybody else. I can’t say enough about him. He works hard. He’s a great teammate. You know he’s going to go out and give you everything he has, with that kind of stuff. But he is human. I think sometimes people forget that. You’re not going to be perfect every time you go out there.

No, Felix wasn’t too good.  He was up over 100 pitches in the 5th inning, but he was still battling.  And, until the wheels came off, he’d only given up the 1 run.  But, it’s getting to be about that time.  Normally, this is right around where Felix’s ERA tops out, before he goes on a tear for the rest of the season.

Which will be good, because we’re going to need as many quality starts as we can get.  Hell, we’re going to need BETTER than quality.  We’re going to need damn near perfect!

This offense isn’t getting any better (except for Ichiro, who’s starting to plow through a bunch of multi-hit games).  Smoak seems to be coming down to Earth at a rapid clip.  Cust and Olivo – two of the most embarrassing middle-of-the-order hitters I’ve ever seen – are just clinging to a +.200 batting average.  We’re bound to have some serious growing pains with whoever’s in Left Field.  Saunders is bound to give you a week’s worth of quality at bats for every two months’ worth of utter crap.  And our middle-infield – while talented defensively – would both be any other team’s #9 hitter (luckily for the Mariners, we have about six or seven #9 hitters on our team, so there’s not too much pressure on whoever’s batting last in the lineup).

Yesterday’s was another one of those Breaking Point kind of games.  Watching this team is starting to feel more like a chore and less a relaxing way to finish a day.  So, for the next three days:  Moratorium On Mariners!

I would opt for another Week Without The Mariners, but I’ve kinda made it my goal to watch as many Felix & Pineda games as possible.  Jason Vargas games, however, after 4 consecutive defeats … those I can live without.  So, I’ll be up bright and early on Sunday morning ready to watch some baseball again.

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