Everybody Loves Pineda

I’ll go ahead and assume everyone’s read this, but if you haven’t, then there you go.  It’s a good thing he’s good, because this nickname situation would be open-and-shut if he was bad.  Pin-head!

Wow, are the Minnesota Twins bad right now.  They could very well turn this thing around with a second half surge, but my GOD!  The Mariners are 28th out of 30 teams in runs scored, but the Twins are dead last!  To put that in proper perspective, the Mariners have played 1 more game than the Twins, but have scored a whopping 22 more runs!

The Twins are bad.  2010 Mariners bad!

And you know how we’ve been helping teams out of their funks lately?  Baltimore and the White Sox go on a roll, Detroit’s been much better since the embarrassment of us sweeping them finally sank in; well, don’t look for Minnesota to get off the schnide anytime soon.  (Granted, it’s only a 2-game series, but still, FELIX!)

Michael Pineda was brilliant last night (too soon to tack on “as usual” to that sentence?).  7 innings, 7 K’s, 3 hits, 0 runs.  And, don’t look now, but this is the second time this year he’s stopped a lengthy losing streak (in mid-April, he shut down KC after a 4-gamer).  The Seattle Mariners have two of the brightest pitching flames in baseball right now; and since he’s a rookie (so he’s new and exciting), Michael Pineda is overshadowing King Felix a little bit.

Of course, that will likely change when Felix starts to turn on the jets.  What better time to do so than tonight?  Though, to be fair, I’d REALLY rather he take the extra day’s rest and then go out tomorrow and pound L.A.’s shit in, but whatever.

In other news, Jack Cust and Justin Smoak both had RBI doubles to post us to an early 2-0 lead.  I’m not gonna lie to you, that’s EXACTLY how you draw up these games!  Let’s see more of that, especially from you Jack!

And let us not forget Carlos Peguero’s 2nd career homer.  How about that!  He’s a lot like Vlad in that he’s a beast when he makes contact; but he’s very much NOT like Vlad in that he whiffs a shit-ton more.  Let us hope that he figures out a way to rectify that a little bit.  It’d be nice to have a masher in left field going forward.

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